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ProGauge Floats

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Our comprehensive range of in-tank floats can accurately determine water contamination, phase separation and fuel density. Phase-separated fuel occurs when water in the tank causes the ethanol in the fuel to become saturated and then settle at the bottom of the tank. The density kit continuously measures the density of the fuel in the tank, providing a measure of even the smallest changes in product quality within the configured density range. Investing in our floats can provide you real-time information to help initiate any corrective actions before serious issues develop and cause financial loss to your business. 

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Fuel Density

Simply put, the density of fuel affects engine performance, so it important that you monitor your inventory for any changes. Thankfully, our floats can help determine any alterations quickly, before performance is compromised. Furthermore, our density floats are able to determine the exact product mix for blended fuels, making it simple to identify if any ratios differ from what is expected, or that has been ordered from the supplier.

Phase Separation

Our AEF sensors offer protection for your customers against contaminated fuels, which can cause significant damage to vehicle engines. Using real-time monitoring, these floats - as is also true for our density floats - extend the product monitoring and detection capabilities of in-tank probes, and can be easily retrofitted for specific fuel types, changes in market requirements or the introduction of new fuels.

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