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Discover some of the industry's most advanced tank gauge consoles, including the ProGauge MagLink LX4, the next generation console from Dover Fueling Solutions, now with intelligent ‘touch and swipe’ technology.


If it's liquid, we can measure it. Our probes are highly accurate and easy to install, offering trouble-free performance for inventory management and in-tank leak detection.

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Floats and Sensors

We also have a range of floats and sensors designed to make fuel management easier. Offering high levels of accuracy in detecting a wide range of issues with fuel, our floats and sensors help to keep your fuel business protected against the likelihood of experiencing financial loss due to unexpected problems.

3D Laser Scan Automatic

Tank Calibration

Benefit from the industry's most advanced tank calibration service with the ProGauge 3D Laser Scan Automatic Calibration. There is nothing more accurate on the market - and we would love to tell you more.

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Mechanical Solutions

Our mechanical solutions are ideal for measuring the level of both high and low viscosity fluids, such as diesel or oil without the need for electrical supply. They are very easy to install and extremely accurate.

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