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Tokheim Quantium Fuel Dispensers:

The heart of your forecourt

Representing the best that Tokheim has to offer, the Quantium family of fuel dispensers is the epitome of quality. Engineered to dispense fuel with outstanding precision and reliability, these high-performance models have been designed to stand the test of time. 

Four industry-leading models developed to meet the fueling demands of the future, Quantium fuel dispensers offer unrivaled durability and security. Built with field-proven, high-quality components, they’re robust, adaptable and

truly dependable. 

Quantium: dispensers we’ve put our heart into.

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Engineering Excellence

At the heart of the Tokheim Quantium fuel dispenser range is a set of high-quality components that provide long-lasting performance. Combining Tokheim history, engineering, innovation and quality, Quantium dispensers are the perfect example of engineering excellence and a sound investment for many years
to come.

Smart & Bespoke Design

Built with field-proven, quality components, each model in the Quantium dispenser range delivers lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), greater future-proofing and improved maintainability. With customizable livery available as an option, you can be sure that your chosen Quantium dispenser reflects your company branding to the best effect.

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Safety & Security

The highly secure internal dispenser electronics and mechanics of the Quantium range act as a deterrent against product tampering and meter manipulation. In addition, there are optional security features available to further reduce the risk of fuel theft, giving forecourt owners added peace
of mind.

Leading Technology & High Quality

Quantium fuel dispensers incorporate advanced metering and durable materials to provide long-lasting performance, even in the harshest conditions. Using the best of Dover Fueling Solutions’ advanced technology, we have created a dispenser line that will keep on giving long into the future.

Tokheim Dispenser -Technology & Quality

Explore Standard Models


Tokheim Quantium 420 Fuel Dispenser

The Quantium 420 fuel dispenser is specifically designed to meet the fuel retail requirements of the Chinese and South Asian markets. As a ‘H-style’ multiproduct dispenser, the 420 model comes with a wide body as standard to accommodate up to six nozzles, while the hanging-hose design provides the simplest ease of use for optimised throughput. 

Tokheim Quantium 230T Fuel Dispenser

Widely popular in the Africa and Middle East regions, the Quantium 230T fuel dispenser is able to deliver two fuel types at speeds of up to 110 litres per minute (High-speed model), whilst its clean and simple hose management system ensures a tidy forecourt. The compact design makes it ideal for private fleet companies and small fuel retail sites and the livery can be customised to maximise the promotion of your brand.

Tokheim Quantium 320 Fuel Dispenser

Like the 420 model, the Quantium 320 fuel dispenser is specifically designed to meet the fuel retail requirements of the Chinese and South Asian markets. Not only does the 320 model benefit from Tokheim’s renowned quality, it is also packed with the innovative and robust components that add a genuine benefit to your forecourt business. 

Tokheim Quantium 510M FHR Fuel Dispenser

The Quantium 510M fuel dispenser with full hose retraction builds on the same look and feel of its predecessor, the Quantium 510 fuel dispenser, but with the added benefit of a larger dispenser head, enabling an easy upgrade from LCD to VGA media display. The hoses are also completely encased, allowing site managers to maintain a sleek, professional and tidy forecourt, whilst improving the customer’s refuelling experience.

Tokheim Quantium 130C Fuel Dispenser

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The compact QuantiumTM 130C dispenser has been specifically designed for delivering AdBlue solution, however it is available for regular fuels if required. It comes with a fully removable door for easier access and service. This single nozzle unit can be purchased as part of a package with an AdBlue storage tank, which offers overfill and low-level monitoring, temperature check and leak detection.

Tokheim Quantium 510M SHR Fuel Dispenser

Introducing innovative features such as double-bump piping to dramatically increase dispenser maintainability, the Quantium 510M SHR fuel dispenser is a cost-effective option for site managers when modernising their forecourts. The semi hose retraction not only keeps forecourts neat and tidy, but also provides ample hose reach for easy refuelling, making it ideal for forecourts with a high throughput but limited lane options.

Tokheim Quantium 210 Fuel Dispenser

The Quantium 210 fuel dispenser offers more configuration options than the smaller 110 model, with the choice to dispense two fuel grades, and benefits from a clean and simple hose management system that compliments this dispenser’s compact footprint. Customise this model to reflect the very best of your brand, with bespoke graphics that really let your company identity shine. Suitable for all retail and fleet operations.

Tokheim Quantium 130 CMD Fuel Dispenser

The Quantium 130-CMD is a compact and versatile fuel dispenser that has been designed especially for mobile dispensing units, but also excels in any fuel-retailing environment. This popular single nozzle unit dispenses fuel at speeds of up to 70 litres per minute.

Tokheim Quantium 430S Fuel Dispenser

The Quantium 430 fuel dispenser is Tokheim’s wide body dispenser range designed specifically for the requirements of the India, Africa & Middle East markets, to handle a variety of fuel types. This model is available with optional vapour recovery, a choice of up to 8 nozzle and hose combinations delivering four products, with a top flow rate of up to 110 litres per minute. The dispenser livery can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Tokheim Quantium 310 Fuel Dispenser

The Quantium 310 fuel dispenser offers more configuration options and capability than the smaller 110 and 210 models, with the option to dispense 2 fuel grades, and benefits from a spring mast-based hose retractor system that enhances ease of use for customers. As with all Quantium dispensers, the 310 can be customised to showcase the best of your brand: add colour, logos and graphics to create a unique look. Suitable for all retail and fleet operations.

Tokheim Quantium 110 Fuel Dispenser

The Quantium 110 fuel dispenser is built with one nozzle as standard, with the option to upgrade to two nozzles to support high-speed refuelling (diesel fuel only, 130 LPM). Hoses can be kept neat and tidy with optional ‘spring mast’ technology, which also supports a clean and easy fuelling experience. With optional customisable livery, this dispenser can be as inconspicuous or as distinct as your brand requires. Suitable for all retail and fleet operations.

Tokheim Quantium 330S Fuel Dispenser (Mono, Island, Lane)

The Quantium 330S electronic dispenser is very popular model amongst most of the oil companies in India and has been designed specifically for the requirements of the India, Africa & Middle East markets to handle a variety of fuel types. This ‘H-type’ dispenser is island orientated and has a simple effective hanging hose system for ease of use and meets the varying regional market requirements. The Quantium 330S is available with vapour recovery and can accommodate up to four hoses, delivering two fuel types.

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