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Tokheim Quantium Alternative Fuel Dispensers:

Fuel the planet appreciates

As a leading global provider of advanced customer-focused technologies, we have kept the world moving forward for over a century. To continue powering progress, we, at Dover Fueling Solutions, are dedicated to providing cleaner and more environmentally friendly ways to power vehicles and reduce the harmful effects of global warming. Our fueling solutions support a range of greener fuels, including LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and additive solutions such as AdBlue®. We want to be the fuel retail provider of choice for another century, regardless of how the vehicle is powered. With your help, we can change the future. 

A step in the right direction

Over recent years, there has been a growing sense of urgency to significantly reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and lower our carbon dioxide emissions. As a result, an increasing number of vehicles on the road today are utilising alternative solutions such as electricity, AdBlue® additive and LPG. Make sure your forecourt can effectively and efficiently deliver alternative energy solutions to your customers as demand grows, while also working towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions, harmful pollutants and the negative impact on the environment, with the Tokheim Quantium alternative energy fuel dispenser range.

Environmentally conscious customers

Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious. Climate change, pollution and irreparable damage to the environment are driving demand for more alternative fuel options when filling up at the pump. Alternative fuel vehicles, new hybrid technologies and innovative emission control systems all help to improve fuel economy, increase energy security and
reduce emissions.

New legislation. New opportunities.

Through the tightening of environmental policies and laws, an increase in fuel taxes and further restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions, work on alternative energy solutions for vehicles has become high priority for governments, globally. As these new means of alternative power increase in popularity, it has never been more pressing to adapt your forecourt to increase your revenue opportunities.   

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An alternative range of options for fuel

The stylish, flexible Tokheim Quantium™ family of fuel dispensers allows you to provide a range of alternative fuels to your customers. This innovative and high-quality dispenser range makes it easy for consumers to get all of their fuel needs from one place, boosting your sales and increasing profits.

The future is here

Representing the best that Tokheim has to offer, the Quantium alternative fuel dispenser line was developed to meet the fuelling demands of tomorrow. We have gathered feedback from over 40,000 fuels stations in order to future proof the evolution of our alternative fuel dispensers and keep pace with progressive technology.


Attractive design

Made from high-quality, durable, corrosion-free materials, Quantium dispensers will keep their good looks long into the future. 


Greater uptime

Greater uptime means improved throughput, which means your customers can rely on your service station for a faster, more pleasant refuelling experience.


Built for branding

Customisable livery enhances the dispenser’s visual appeal and offers forecourt owners the opportunity to boost their company image.


Secure payment

Secure and integrated payment solutions deliver the security and protection consumers expect while helping to increase your retailing options to facilitate effortless payment at the pump.


Keeps things clean

A tidy and simple hose retraction management system provides a clean environment for your customers to refuel in, enhancing appeal.


Flexible fueling

Designed to be truly modular, you have the  opportunity to select a standalone model  or combine with a multiproduct dispenser,  to offer flexibility to the layout of your forecourt.



Explore Alternative Fuels Models


Tokheim Quantium 110 AdBlue® Fuel Dispenser

The modest Quantium 110 AdBlue® fuel dispenser is suited to basic truck stops and small fleet depots, facilitating fast, reliable and accurate dispensing. Its pump and meter have been designed to handle the corrosive AdBlue® solution. Although considered an entry-level dispenser, this economical, one nozzle model also benefits from the same high-quality finishing as the rest of the Quantium family.

Tokheim Quantium 510 LPG Fuel Dispenser

The feature rich Quantium 510 LPG dispenser has been specifically designed to work for longer, in the toughest conditions, with a lower service intervention rate. The classic ‘L-shape’ design and smaller carbon footprint make this dispenser suitable for a variety of forecourt layouts. Choose this dispenser as a standalone unit or combine it with our multiproduct dispensers.

Tokheim Quantium 110 LPG Fuel Dispenser

The Quantium 110 LPG fuel dispenser is a very compact and durable model that provides additional flexibility when it comes to the layout of your forecourt. This entry-level dispenser is also packed with many of the advanced features present in the Quantium series, making it perfect for small retail and commercial fleet environments looking to provide an alternative fuel offering.

Tokheim Quantium Qx30 BioDiesel Fuel Dispenser

The Quantium 30 Biodiesel fuel dispenser is designed specifically for the requirements of the India, Africa & Middle East markets to handle a variety of Biofuel and is available with flow rate options of up to 130 litres per minute. This ‘H-type’ dispenser has a simple effective hanging hose system for ease of use and meets the varying regional market requirements. The Quantium 30 is island oriented and is available as either pressure or suction.

Tokheim Quantium 210 LPG Fuel Dispenser

The simple design and strong performance of the Quantium 210 LPG fuel dispenser presents the perfect opportunity for retail and commercial fleet operations to provide alternative energy solutions to road users. The Quantium 210 LPG fuel dispenser is island oriented and when fitted with a hose hook, it facilitates quick and easy refuelling.

Tokheim Quantium 510M AdBlue® Fuel Dispenser

Available as a standalone model or in combination with other fuels as a multiproduct dispenser, the Quantium 510M AdBlue® fuel dispenser now comes with a large media head as standard, facilitating an easy upgrade from LCD to media screens. Available for the first time as a four-hose model, the Quantium 510M AdBlue® fuel dispenser enables a convenient, accurate and fast fuelling experience.

Tokheim Quantium 130C AdBlue® Fuel Dispenser

The compact Quantium 130C dispenser has been specifically designed for delivering AdBlue solution, however it is available for regular fuels if required. It comes with a fully removable door for easier access and service. This single nozzle unit can be purchased as part of a package with an AdBlue storage tank, which offers overfill and low-level monitoring, temperature check and leak detection.

Tokheim Quantium Qx30 DEF AdBlue® Dispensing Package

The Tokheim Quantium Qx30 DEF dispensing unit is the ideal solution for sites wishing to store AdBlue fluid on-site. It is available to purchase as part of a package with the Quantium 130C AdBlue fuel dispsenser.

Tokheim Quantium Qx30 CNG Fuel Dispenser

The Quantium 30 CNG fuel dispenser is designed using the latest technology for the Indian, African and Middle Eastern markets. This simple and attractive H-style design makes this dispenser a benchmark in its category. The wide range of configurations allows you to choose the one that best suits your specific operating conditions and the latest generation of electronics means that it is able to interface with many of today’s point-of-sale systems.

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