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Wayne Reliance Fuel Dispensers

You can count on the Reliance fuel dispenser range to deliver consistent performance today and tomorrow. These dispensers are first in class for reliability and durability, with time-tested componentry and a substantial, hard-wearing cabinet which will withstand years of rugged use in the harshest of conditions. The Reliance fuel dispenser is available in a wide range of models that offer exceptional value for money, as every dispenser is equipped with a rich set of standard features. Easy to install and maintain, they have become a popular choice, especially for fleet fueling operations.


Reliable and durable

It is a simple, economical solution built for years of trouble-free
retail functionality. The Reliance dispenser stands up to all
weather conditions and the roughest of treatment. The exterior
cabinet including side structural columns are constructed of galvannealed steel, providing enhanced corrosion protection.
For increased weather-resistance, there are no gaskets that
can deteriorate or lose effectiveness over time. These dispensers
are built to stand the test of time.

Low-cost maintenance

Reliance fuel dispensers are exceptionally easy to install and service, driving the cost of maintenance right down. The hinged doors can be removed if necessary, by simply pushing a button, offering ease of access during routine maintenance. On suction models, the gear type pumping units are able to endure years of hard use and an adjustable v-link belt simplifies motor tension adjustment. Additionally, the vertical strainer removal minimizes spills during servicing. All nozzle boots are designed to fit both standard and vapor recovery nozzles.


Fast and flexible

Engineered for fast fueling capabilities, the Reliance dispenser offers high flow rates of up to 22 gallons per minute. Large capacity inlet/outlet castings, one-inch internal filters and discharge connections provide superior flow performance. Flexible configuration choices mean that you can select a dispenser that matches your needs. Choose from remote dispenser, suction pump or satellite each available with a wealth of options. All models can easily be adapted to standard gasoline or high flow diesel applications.

Explore Reliance Fuel Dispensers

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Reliance G5200 Fuel Dispenser

The Reliance G5200 fleet fuel dispenser is designed to deliver reliable, long term retail fueling performance in even the harshest of environments. The heavy-duty construction and time-proven components make this dispenser an excellent fit for small service stations, marinas and airports. It is a simple, economical solution built for years of hassle-free operation. The Reliance G5200 fuel dispenser is available in many configurations, so that you select the model that best meets your requirements.

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Reliance G6200 Fuel Dispenser

The Reliance G6200 fuel dispenser is available in a wide range of model selections; choose from remote dispenser, suction pump or satellite configurations to best match your needs. The powder coated finish survives the elements and corrosion-resistant, steel cabinet panels make this dispenser ideal for rough fleet environments. Engineered for fast fueling capabilities, the Reliance G6200 offers superior flow performance of up to 22 gallons per minute (GPM). Simple installation and low maintenance are among the many ways that this dispenser improves productivity and reduces operational costs.

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