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Wayne Reliance E-123 Fuel Dispensers

Advanced technology that offers intelligent fueling. The Wayne Reliance E-123 fuel dispenser family provides a cost-effective and efficient forecourt solution, offering two compact models to fit even the tightest of forecourt spaces. The Reliance E-123 models guarantee reliable operation and total control, with remote, real-time monitoring and diagnostics available as well as simple integration with existing on-site equipment. 

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Invest in safety

The Reliance E123 dispenser family was designed to withstand all weathers and temperature. Easy to install and maintain, it saves time and reduces operational costs. With protected configuration via infrared remote control and fraud protection through its intelligent pulse counter, these dispensers provide a high level of safety security for your business. Attendant tagging and emergency stop button are also available as options.

Whatever your needs

The Reliance E-123 electronic fuel dispenser range is available in four model options, three of which are designed specifically for fleet operations, with the fourth produced to dispense Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) fuel. E-123 fleet models are compatible with multiple fuel types and their compact design makes them ideally suited to all environments from gas stations to marinas.

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The Reliance E-123 fuel dispenser’s outstanding performance is backed up by state-of-the-art technology. Incorporating quality components such as the Wayne iMeter and the Wayne iGem electronics platform, the Reliance E-123 dispensers operate smoothly through features like error monitoring and enhanced diagnostics.

Explore Reliance E-123 Fuel Dispensers


Reliance E-123 Fleet

The Reliance E-123 fleet fuel dispenser is the perfect combination of efficiency and cost-efficiency. It is a one-hose dispenser with three different configurations: E-123P (suction pump), E-123D (standard fleet model) and E-123C (smaller, wall-mounted unit). Easy to install and maintain, the compact dispenser is compatible with many fuel types and offers efficiency and productivity through its flow rate of 100 liters per minute.


Reliance E-123 ARLA32

Available for both the retail and private market, the Reliance E-123 ARLA32 dispenser provides convenience and profit maximization on DEF fueling. The Wayne iMeter fuel meter ensures reliability, durability, and performance with a nominal flow rate of up to 40 liters per minute. The Reliance E-123 ARLA32 dispenser delivers Dover Fueling Solutions' quality and technology for the vehicle catalytic protection system. This one-hose dispenser has been designed for use in temperatures ranging from -11ºC to +50ºC.

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