Retail Automation Products

Our retail automation product offering is designed to offer seamless connectivity between your forecourt equipment, as well as facilitate best-in-class fuel monitoring services that help your fuel business lower operational costs and improve fuel margins. 

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DFS Edge Intelligent IoT Platform

Connectivity and Data from the Edge

The DFS Edge is an intelligent IoT platform that enables secure and robust data connectivity from your forecourt to the cloud and from the cloud to your forecourt. Microsoft Azure IoT Edge enables processing normally done at the cloud to be carried out on the device itself. By moving select workloads to the DFS Edge intelligent IoT platform, you can accelerate response times and enable processing even when you’re not cloud-connected. Built on the latest Microsoft Windows IoT technology and DFS IoT modules, the DFS Edge is designed to give your forecourt power needed to stay connected. Additionally, with the DFS Edge device, software updates can be performed remotely, making the device future-proofed.

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Sleek, stylish, IoT-enabled

Boasting a sleek and stylish form factor, the DFS Edge intelligent IoT platform utilizes multiple connection points to integrate perfectly with your network and retrieve data, regardless of your operating system. The innovative device interfaces with the vast majority of forecourt devices, is compatible with all major brands of fueling hardware, and is enabled to run multiple DFS software solutions to ensure that your forecourt is performing optimally.


Tokheim Fuel

Management made easy

The Tokheim Fuel POS is our industry-leading electronic point-of-sale (EPOS) system that helps manage all aspects of fuel and retail business. Combining an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, Fuel POS connects seamlessly with all other systems on a service station including dispensers, EV chargers, self-checkouts, indoor & outdoor payment, CCTV, price pole-sign, tank level gauges, back office and car wash. This level of integration makes life easier, helping to provide you and your staff with more time to better serve your customers.

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All-in-one modular solution

The Tokheim Fuel POS is a modular and flexible solution that fits the need of every site, from a single small unmanned station to the largest manned stations in the world. Smaller locations will use the all-in-one solution with electronic point-of-sale (EPOS), forecourt controller (FCC) and electronic payment system (EPS). Supported by a wide range of integrated and IoT edge services, larger locations will benefit from the modularity of Fuel POS to build a solution that meets every business need and business continuity.

Three main configurations

  • Fuel POS: the top level product and supports all possible configurations (EPOS, FCC, EPS Inside Payment Terminal and Outside Payment Terminal)

  • Fuel Controller: configuration for small stations with limited EPOS functionality and EPS OPT

  • Fuel Homebase: configuration for unmanned stations with EPS OPT support

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Retail Automation - Fuel POS (Reliable &

Reliable and secure

Tokheim Fuel POS is the preferred EPOS system for international oil companies and independents alike because its uptime is industry renowned. Your service station can rely on a solution that is fast, stable and ‘future-proof’. Our payment security development meets the Payment Card Industry’s (PCI) strictest requirements so you are better protected from fraud – now and in the future.

Integrated intelligence across your business

Tokheim Fuel POS helps you to manage your overall business more effectively. The sophisticated reporting features help you evaluate where you are doing well and areas where you may be able to improve. Available reports include workforce management, shift reports, cash management, sales activities, access control and wetstock management.

Retail Automation - Integrates Intellige

DFS Fusion Automation Server


Control where you need it most

The DFS Fusion forecourt system allows your dispensers, tank gauging system, price signs, and back-end reporting to more seamlessly interface with your point-of-sale (POS) and ERP systems. Packed with advanced software technology, it’s one small, but powerfully upgraded, solution.

fusion v3.jpg
Retail Automation - Performance.1 (Fusio

Performance enhancing

Designed and packed with performance-enhancing technology, the Fusion forecourt system features faster speeds, better responsiveness, and expanded connectivity options. It provides the control you know from Wayne with the easier access and serviceability you’ve asked us for. Need to seamlessly connect your existing retail POS system with your forecourt? No problem. Want real-time visibility into information that will help you make smarter business decisions? The Fusion forecourt system can do that too, anytime and from anywhere. Need to control your site from an easy-to-use console application? You’ve come to the right box.


Control over costs

The Fusion forecourt system gives you the control you need to help reduce deployment and implementation costs. By giving you better visibility over many of your current devices with one single tool, maintenance costs are reduced, and there are fewer potential points of failure. You simply plug in the Fusion forecourt controller, hook up your devices, and within minutes, you’re connected and in control.


Control over data

With the Fusion forecourt system’s in-depth web-reporting capabilities, you can get better visibility into sales, operations, inventory, and equipment. Which means you’re better equipped to make smart business decisions. 
And with remote accessibility built in, it doesn’t matter where you are or what time it is, you can find the information you need.


Control over complexity

By interfacing with multiple forecourt devices, as well as POS systems from multiple vendors, a Fusion forecourt system gives you one single point of control. This flexibility enables all of your key systems to speak the same language and provides you a single interface to fuel dispenser, tank management systems, price signs, POS systems and ERP and fleet management systems.


Control over clutter

The Fusion forecourt system provides all of this control in a single, streamlined solution configured specifically for the rugged demands of a petroleum-retail environment. With its solid-state construction, the Fusion forecourt system is built to withstand extreme temperatures and dust. And with all of the advanced technology packed into it, it’s also built to handle your complete forecourt needs.

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Integrated ATG Solutions

The Fusion Automation Server can also be used as a flexible ATG system. It offers a variety of hardware and software options that can be included from the start, or retrofitted remotely to meet changing needs. It’s also designed to integrate seamlessly with the Wayne Fusion forecourt system for full visibility into all aspects of operations.


Wayne Fusion Head Office


Seamless connectivity

The Wayne Fusion Head Office is the your one-stop web portal for accessing centralized data from across your network. Working in seamless connectivity with the Fusion Automation Server to provide you with all of the information you need to effectively and efficiently manage your forecourts centrally from wherever you are. 

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Retail Automation - Wayne Fusion (3).png

Through the Fusion Head Office system, users can easily:

  • Track sales

  • Implement price changes

  • Monitor fuel stock

  • Produce reconciliation reports

  • Transmit data to wetstock management companies

  • Interact with Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Check Fusion device status


Tokheim Petrol Manager


Remote management made easy

Tokheim Petrol Manager is a fuel management solution that enables remote site or network monitoring. The alert module provides you with an immediate overview of the status of your network and quickly identifies possible problems, whilst the price management function enables you to easily change fuel prices for all fuels across your network, while incorporating any loyalty or fuel card applications. 

Retail Automation - Petrol Manager (1).p
Retail Automation - Petrol Manager (2).p

Tokheim Petrol Manager also connects easily to the tank gauge and provides simple and clear graphics to give you an overview of the stock per tank, tank group and fuel type. In addition, the application provides perspectives on fuel sales and gives an indication of the performance of each station within your network. You can view performance by hour, day, week or month and compare these across your sites.


Tokheim Homebase


Dedicated solutions for unmanned stations

Gaining visibility over unmanned stations from afar is paramount in the effective running of your network. Tokheim Homebase centralizes information from payment systems, dispensers, tank gauges, pole-signs and CCTV equipment, so that you can manage your stations remotely. 

Retail Automation - Homebase (1).png
Retail Automation - Homebase CCTV.png

Tokheim Homebase is the core of your forecourt operation, allowing you to manage fuel deliveries, link to fuel dispensers, connect to payment and integrate CCTV systems, as well as giving you the ability to change price pole signs remotely.


One Portal Cloud
Services Platform

Maximize value creation

One Portal cloud services platform is an all-in-one cloud platform that provides and integrates the most valuable features from DFS' portfolio of remote management and site optimization products into one single harmonized and efficient web-platform. One Portal allows single sign-on access to a range of customer functions from products and solutions from DFS. Using One Portal, customers can easily view information obtained from fuel dispensers, payment systems and point-of-sale devices.

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Retail Automation - One Portal (2).png

Stay in control

Using One Portal, customers can manage payment transactions and pre-paid cards, clear pin and stoplists, alerts and price changes,  as well as monitor fuel sales, perform terminal software updates, terminal article management actions, and terminal configurations. One Portal has been designed in such a way that customers WANT to use it, instead of being told to use it.