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  • Your Customers Are Driving Away. DX Monitor® Can Help. | DoverFuelingSolution

    Nov 19, 2021 Your Customers Are Driving Away. DX Monitor® Can Help. Lulu Francois As the Senior Manager of Product Marketing for Solutions here at DFS, I like to think that I have a unique perspective on the industry. But I’m also a consumer and use gas stations to top off my car on a weekly basis like the folks that we serve. Earlier this year, while on a trip with my father, I stopped for gas at a popular retailer in South Texas. When I saw a “Please Pay Inside” error message on the fuel dispenser – and then saw that 17 of the 20 fuel points in this station were displaying the same message – I realized it was a unique opportunity to observe how an inconvenient forecourt experience directly impacts overall sales. So, I decided to conduct an impromptu experiment! Can You Afford To Lose 47% Of Your Sales? How many times have you pulled up to a gas dispenser just to see a similar error message? What is your first reaction when you see that message? I’ve come to believe there are three types of people in this world: those who automatically walk into the store to pay when the card reader is down, those who check to see if other dispensers at that location are working before driving off, and those who leave immediately to find another station to fuel up where they can pay by card at the dispenser. To that store owner, that’s business lost. I decided to park and observe how many customers drove off to a competitor close by to fill their gas tanks instead of going inside to pay for gas. In the 30 minutes I was parked in front of the retail store, I counted 18 vehicles whose drivers walked into the store to pay for gas, and 16 vehicles whose drivers simply drove off to the next c-store, which was at least a mile away in either direction. Because of the card reader error, this c-store lost 47% of the gas purchases these customers were planning to make. They also lost the possible sales from inside the store. In fact, I heard one customer walking out of the store tell someone else, “Don’t bother going inside to pay, the line is really long!” Protect Your Customer Experience With Remote Monitoring Software Will the same percentage of drive-offs happen to other retail fuel sites if their card readers are down? Possibly. How many people drive off — as opposed to going into the store to pay — depends on many variables, including how busy the fuel site is, how many card readers are not working, the time of day and other factors. And if your dispensers are down on a regular basis, customers will simply begin assuming they’re down all the time and will stop coming to you for fuel. However, if the owner/operator had a remote monitoring software in place, like DX Monitor®, they would have received real-time updates on the health of their fueling points and proactively realized something was wrong with their card readers. If a card reader is failing, the site operator receives a real-time alert so action can be taken to resolve the issue. DX Monitor® can help facilitate troubleshooting and analysis without maintenance personnel being physically present at the site. In addition to alerts, personnel can securely retrieve data logs, view the dispenser screen, initiate a reboot and inventory equipment. Gain Control With DX Monitor ® With DX Monitor®, site owners/operators can keep their payment modules up-to-date and secure by: • Enabling dispenser and payment-related software updates through centralized and remote software upgrades • Minimizing the need for site visits to perform software upgrades to save both time and money • Maximizing profitability with remote pricing and alarms DX Monitor® allows management of assets across one or many forecourts, so whether you have five, 50 or 100 sites, you can always know that your dispensers are up and running as they should be 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. For the merchant that I sat and observed that day, DX Monitor® would have prevented a substantial loss of business that might have extended out over days. Next time I’m passing through, I think I’ll drop off a brochure! DX Monitor® is part of the DFS DX™ connected solutions platform. Useful Links Back to DFS Insights Speak to an Expert ​

  • What Possibilities Exist with Prizma – the New Connected Mobility and Convenience Retail Hub from Dover Fueling Solutions® | DoverFuelingSolution

    September 9, 2022 What Possibilities Exist with Prizma – the New Connected Mobility and Convenience Retail Hub from Dover Fueling Solutions® ​ In May 2022, Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS) launched Prizma, a solution that goes beyond the standard point-of-sale (POS) system. Specifically designed to cater to a wide spectrum of fuel and convenience retailer needs, both now and in the future, Prizma is evolving the POS into a connected mobility and convenience retail hub. We sat down with Raf Tormans, DFS Senior Manager, Product Management, to find out how Prizma can help retailers advance their business with a broader spectrum of payment options, fuel types, connections and profits. Q1. What led DFS to design and launch Prizma to the EMEA market? DFS have been preparing for the transition to clean energy and mobility hubs in the fuel retail and convenience industry for quite some time. It’s essential that we continue to support fuel retailers, as they look to diversify their fuel offering on the forecourt. We developed Prizma to give site owners and forecourt operators the tools needed in today’s environment to manage, expand and transition their business model into a connected mobility and convenience retail hub. Q2. Is Prizma just a re-branding of Fuel POS? Prizma goes far beyond a traditional POS system. It has been designed to cater to a wide spectrum of fuel and convenience retailer needs, while meeting increasing consumer demands, both now and in the future. We thought it was time we positioned the product rightfully as a mobility and convenience retail hub, considering over the last several years, Fuel POS hasn’t just focussed on “fuel” and “POS” systems. This is when we launched Prizma and the Prizma eco-system to the market. Q3. How can Prizma help fuel retailers evolve their business? Prizma is ready to support the evolving needs of fuel retailers as they start to re-imagine their standard business model – adapting it to meet new trends and consumer demands, so they can offer new products and services. Among the most visible changes is the rise of clean fuels with a primary focus on electricity for mobility. To make sure this is possible, moving to a customer-centric business model by re-inventing the customer journey is going to be essential. Customers will expect to find high-quality and fresh food services, supported by convenient self-checkout systems and pre-order kiosks. Simultaneously, loyalty systems will enable the retailer to leverage the data from customers to get insights into their preferences. Prizma helps fuel retailers become more customer-centric by facilitating and integrating these new offerings into a familiar site system solution. It keeps everything connected, so the entire process is effortless. Q4. How is Prizma different from other solutions within the market? Prizma is one software for all customers in all countries in the EMEA region, continuously enhanced by new product features, services, and regulatory updates. This presents a unique offering in the market, as all customers can benefit from product enhancements. Prizma also keeps the on-site hardware footprint as low as possible. Q5. What is included in the Prizma eco-system? It’s important fuel retailers can efficiently manage and evolve their business with more payment options, fuel types, connections and profits. The Prizma eco-system is designed to do exactly that. For the merchant, the eco-system focuses on the ability to interface and control any device on the forecourt, whether it is a clean fuel dispenser – Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), Hydrogen etc –, electric Vehicle (EV) charger, coffee machine or checkout system. Prizma seamlessly connects these devices with cloud-services like the Tokheim OASE™ (Online Authorisation and Switching Environment) payment gateway, DX Retail® to remotely manage your site or the DFS DX™ connected solution platform to offer enhanced wetstock analytics, asset & price management, and monitoring capabilities. For the consumer, this eco-system optimizes the overall experience, via a variety of on-site applications, allowing them to efficiently refuel with clear user guidance, independent of the type of fuel dispenser or EV charger. Prizma optimizes the balance between forecourt operations and convenience retail to maximize customer fueling throughput. In the shop, it helps customers by offering extensive food services, loyalty programs and promotional solutions, as well as new checkout and quick payment solutions. Q6. How can fuel retailer’s leverage Prizma to bring new opportunities to their forecourt? One of the main drivers of new equipment on the forecourt is the presence of fast EV chargers. Prizma, in combination with DX Power™, builds the bridge between the existing site system, charge point operator platform and the EV charge point. This solution provides a unified consumer experience on fuel retail sites, while leveraging existing loyalty schemes and the acceptance of bank and fuel cards. For the operator it offers full transparency on what is happening on the forecourt, as the status of EV chargers will be visible on the POS screen, similar as with fuel dispensers. Q7. Do you see Prizma as a next step towards the “Future of Fuel”? This is the main reason why we launched Prizma, this is a huge step towards the “Future Forecourt”. It is our primary objective to assist fuel retailers in the transition to meet the changing requirements of the future. Whether it is on the forecourt, in terms of fuel and electricity, or indoor convenience retail services. ​ Useful Links Back to DFS Insights Speak to an Expert ​

  • The Future of Clean Fuel | DoverFuelingSolution

    Jan 25, 2022 The Future of Clean Fuel ​ At Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS), we have provided clean energy solutions to our global customers for years. Most recently, with Dover’s® acquisition of LIQAL, a turnkey supplier of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and hydrogen refueling equipment and solutions and micro liquefaction solutions, we are now best positioned to help power the next era of transportation. We sat down with Lise-Lotte Nordholm, DFS’ vice president of dispenser engineering and new product development, based in Sweden, and Jorg Raven, LIQAL’s founder and CEO, located in the Netherlands, to discuss all things clean energy and its future within the fuel and convenience retail industry. ​ 1. Can you tell us a little bit more about the LIQAL/DFS partnership? RAVEN: The partnership came about almost naturally, as the demand for clean fueling solutions has increased considerably over the past few years. LIQAL has found a great partner in DFS, resulting in a relationship that will grow our sales reach and strengthen production capabilities. DFS now has technology for LNG and hydrogen fueling in their product portfolio to complement their end-to-end offering to clients. In the field of digitalization of fueling stations, both LIQAL and DFS have great products that reinforce each other. NORDHOLM: LIQAL is truly a great addition to DFS as we continue to expand our activities in the clean energy segment. 2. What prompted you to move into clean energies, specifically LNG and hydrogen? NORDHOLM: DFS has provided dispensing solutions for the retail fueling industry for 130 years, and clean energy has always played a big part in our product offering. We are committed to supporting our customers regardless of the energy types they work with. This requires us to follow market trends closely to make sure we have the right solutions in place at the right time, which is why we are now extending our portfolio to include LNG and hydrogen. RAVEN: LIQAL was founded on the basic idea that we need to move away from oil-based fuels for mobility to minimize emissions of CO2 and other pollutants. Combining that with our gas technology expertise resulted into our focus on LNG and hydrogen. 3. What role does LNG and hydrogen now play in DFS? NORDHOLM: The introduction of LNG and hydrogen products is a great addition to the DFS product portfolio, and it further strengthens our position in the clean energy segment. RAVEN: These are increasingly important fuels for our clients. We think clean fuels in general (electricity included) will reshape the mobility and fueling landscape globally in a short timeframe. ​ 4. How do you see the demand for clean energy progressing over the next few years, as consumers are becoming more conscious over their carbon footprint? NORDHOLM: There is certainly a move toward a more environmentally-conscious consumer, and we are seeing our customers actively investing in lower-carbon fuels. This trend will undoubtedly continue, but we should also note that the transition of a car fleet takes many years. So, for us at DFS, it’s important to also stay focused on conventional fueling products and solutions at the same time as we work to support the new energy types becoming more in-demand. RAVEN: On a global scale, the demand for clean transport fuels is still small; however, in some local markets, demand for change is strong. Specifically, European legislation and climate awareness driving progress toward zero-emission mobility. 5. What are the key drivers for the adoption of clean energy? NORDHOLM: The key driver is certainly to reduce “our” carbon footprint, and there are several clean energy types, including LNG and hydrogen, available today to support that movement. RAVEN: Alongside reducing our carbon footprint, global warming and changing legislation has resulted in an increased awareness of our impact on the environment. Additionally, there are other factors like costs, accessibility, safety and ease of use when it comes to clean energy technology that determine the speed of adoption. Those factors are the ones that DFS and LIQAL are working on together. ​ 7. How do you think DFS/LIQAL can shape the future of clean energy in the fueling and convenience retail industry? RAVEN: I think we can shape the future by providing excellent technology to our clients that allows them to make the transition from conventional fuels to clean fuels much more easily, not only for single fuel stations, but for their complete fuel retail networks. This means data insights and digitalization will play a large role. Shaping the future means DFS and LIQAL must lead the way on how to get there. NORDHOLM: We can do this by being a one-stop provider of fuel dispensing equipment and offering our customers’ the expertise they require, while ensuring our clean energy equipment can be integrated into our customers’ “normal” site infrastructure with end-to-end solutions. 8. What are your plans for the future? NORDHOLM: DFS will stay committed to catering for all energy demands in the retail fueling industry and will continue to monitor market trends to make sure our product portfolio fully meets what our customers are looking for at the right time. ​ Useful Links Back to DFS Insights Speak to an Expert ​

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  • Dover Fueling Solutions® to Hold 2024 DFS Distributor Seminar in Uruguay

    AUSTIN, TEXAS – March 5, 2024 – Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS), a part of Dover Corporation and a leading global provider of advanced customer-focused technologies, services, and solutions in the fuel and convenience retail industry, is thrilled to announce it is hosting the 2024 DFS Distributor Seminar – in conjunction with its long-term partner, Bilpa – at the Hilton Garden Inn in Montevideo, Uruguay. This will be the second distributor seminar held by DFS since 2019, but the first of its kind in South America. From 12th – 13th March, the DFS team will welcome selected distributors from the Latin American region, who have expressed an interest in learning more about DFS products and solutions, to take part in a series of meetings and workshops, including (but not limited to): Fairbanks Wetstock Management Solutions; DFS Compliance and Asset Management Solutions; Fuel Replenishment Planning Solutions; and Tank Gauging and Forecourt Control Solutions. The 2024 DFS Distributor Seminar will also feature talks from DFS’ Global Sales Director, Jeroen van Pelt, Senior Sales Director, Daniel Tobal, and Senior Sales and Business Development Manager, Tim Firkins, among other key DFS employees. In addition, DFS will share various market development updates and business insights with its key industry partners. The Seminar will be delivered in English with a Spanish translation. This Seminar presents a unique opportunity for distributors to learn more about DFS’ pioneering solutions, how those solutions deliver value to DFS’ customers, and how distributors benefit from becoming a reseller of these solutions in their respective locations. As the capital, and largest city in Uruguay, Montevido is the perfect location to host the 2024 DFS Distributor Seminar. With its bustling foreign trade port, which also acts as the city’s hub for international transport, Montevido is a great city for DFS staff and partners to gather, especially given DFS’ presence, and manufacturing facilities, in Rio, Brazil. Jeroen van Pelt, Global Sales Director, commented, “We are in full preparation mode for the 2024 DFS Distributor Seminar, and after the 2023 event in Kuala Lumpur, we are gearing up to make this another event to remember. With two full days of presentations, conferences, and meetings – focusing on technology, innovation, and networking – I think this DFS Distributor Seminar can provide the necessary regional support that will help define the future of fuel and convenience retail in the Latin American region, and I look forward to welcoming our partners at this event.”

  • Dover Fueling Solutions® Collaborates with The University of Texas in Student Hackathon to Enhance Consumer Experience in Convenience Retail

    AUSTIN, TEXAS – February 2, 2024 – Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS), a part of Dover Corporation and a leading global provider of advanced customer-focused technologies, services and solutions in the fuel and convenience retail industries, is collaborating with McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin (“Texas McCombs”) to host its fourth annual hackathon. The event will take place at its corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas, from Feb. 2-4, 2024. The hackathon is designed to empower Texas McCombs undergraduate and postgraduate students by fostering critical thinking and practical application of their education in real-world scenarios. Additionally, it introduces students to opportunities in convenience and fuel retail careers within their local community. The students will be grouped into teams and will compete against each other to develop solutions that enhance consumer experience or operational efficiency, unlocking additional revenue streams for DFS, its customers and the wider industry. DFS Vice President and General Manager of Solutions, Hob Hairston, stated, “Dover Fueling Solutions® is excited to continue our partnership with the McCombs School and The University of Texas at Austin. The hackathon has become such an impactful program for both students and the future of our workforce, with our on-campus connections helping us reach students who may not otherwise be exposed to such a challenge. Teams from the previous three hackathons have presented remarkable solutions that have significantly contributed to the industry’s accelerated advancements. I’m sure this year will be no different.” Participants will have access to a range of DFS’ cutting-edge fueling technologies, such as DFS’s next-generation user experience platform, IoT, cloud services, machine learning and mobile technologies. Upon completion, students will then be judged in the categories of consumer experience, technical difficulty, innovation and execution. “The DFS Hackathon is a great opportunity for our students to apply the skills they are learning in the classroom towards a more realistic situation. Not only will they get to push their technical and business skills by learning and implementing with new platforms, but they will also get to work with DFS professionals to innovate and work effectively as a team. Presenting their work to DFS leadership and the other students will challenge their communication skills as well. We appreciate the opportunity that DFS, a known innovator in the fuel and convenience retail industry, is providing to our students and it demonstrates DFS’ commitment to supporting higher education," said Caryn Conley, Ph.D., program director of the Texas McCombs Master of Science in Information Technology and Management Program. This will be DFS’s fourth hackathon, which now includes undergraduates from Texas McCombs and sponsorships from industry leaders like Mansfield Oil and Happiest Minds. In the future, DFS will support similar events with multiple universities across various regions around the globe. In partnering with world-class universities, such as The University of Texas at Austin, DFS hopes to develop synergies with academia to drive new innovations and inspire the next generation of industry leaders. DFS is a member of the Advisory Council for the Master of Science in Information Technology and Management (MSITM) program, which is a STEM program at Texas McCombs. For more information about DFS products and solutions, visit For more information about the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin, visit

  • Dover Fueling Solutions® Acquires Bulloch Technologies, a Provider of Complete POS Solutions for Fuel and Convenience Retail

    AUSTIN, TX – January 31, 2024–  Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS), a part of Dover Corporation and a leading global provider of advanced customer-focused technologies, services and solutions in the fuel and convenience retail industries, announced that it has completed the acquisition of Bulloch Technologies (Bulloch). Bulloch is a Canadian leader in integrated point of sale (POS), forecourt control, payment and loyalty solutions for fuel and convenience retail. The acquisition of Bulloch and its technology enhances DFS’s capabilities in providing its convenience store customers with a comprehensive and unified solution to elevate their business performance. “We are excited to welcome Bulloch Technologies to the DFS family, a strategic move that enables us to provide our convenience store customers with a comprehensive POS solution spanning both the forecourt and in-store operations,” said David Crouse, President at DFS. “By joining forces, we’re not only enhancing our technological capabilities, but also reinforcing our commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction and long-term growth. We look forward to the continued success and growth that this partnership will bring to both organizations.” “By enhancing our POS solutions offering in North America, we are not only streamlining our processes but also solidifying our position as leaders in product and innovation in the retail and fueling industry,” said Kendra Keller, Vice President and General Manager, North America, at DFS. “This acquisition will allow customers to simplify operations, accelerate technology implementations and enhance overall user experience. We look forward to offering our customers this end-to-end solution in 2024.” POS solutions serve as the central hub enabling commercial and operational functions in fuel and convenience retail stores and control forecourt peripherals such as dispensers. By seamlessly integrating Bulloch’s POS technology into DFS Anthem UX® platform on the Wayne Ovation® fuel dispensers, convenience store operators will benefit from: Operational efficiency: The integration simplifies daily processes, reduces complexity, and improves overall efficiency by removing the need for a third-party vendor. Accelerated technology implementation: With all services consolidated to one company, c-store owners can expect a more controlled and expedited implementation of updates and innovations to keep pace with market demands. Improved user experience: The integration will make it a smoother consumer experience with optimized efficiency at every touchpoint. Consumers will benefit from seamless transactions, innovative loyalty programs and speed of use at the pump. “From ensuring secure and streamlined transactions to offering integrated loyalty programs and analytics-driven insights, POS systems are essential for the success of convenience store businesses,” says Lorne Cam, Managing Partner at Bulloch. “As part of DFS, we’ll provide North American convenience retailers in both the U.S. and Canada efficient, feature-rich and dependable end-to-end POS integration across the forecourt and in-store.” Founded in Toronto, Canada, Bulloch is a POS, Forecourt Control (FCC) and Electronic Payment Server (EPS) solution. The company processes over $35 billion in sales and 520 million transactions annually at 7,000 sites throughout Canada. Bulloch is an innovation leader in the industry, being the first to deliver EMV and EMV contactless at the pump in Canada nearly a decade ago. For more information, visit

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