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  • Log In | Dover Fueling Solutions

    Click the links below to access password protected DFS applications. DFS Extranet Log In > DX Promote® Log In > DX Fleet® Log In > BLC Log In > Fairbanks Station Manager 365 Log In > DX Monitor® Log In > DX Wetstock® Log In > Fairbanks Log In > DX Retail® Log In > ClearView Compliance & Asset Management Log In > ClearView Wetstock Management Log In > One Portal Log In > ClearView eSite Register T-Media™ by DFS ClearView Contractor Access Log In > Log In > Log In > Payment Portal Log In > Aftermarket Parts Log In >

  • Probes | Dover Fueling Solutions

    As Flexible as you Need us to be DFS DMP Flex Magnetostrictive Probe(s) Top of probes page Get smart. Go magnetostrictive. Using magnetostrictive technology, our probes provide continuous and highly accurate readings of liquids inside of the tank. By transmitting a high frequency electrical impulse that travels at the speed of sound, the advanced technology within the probes is able to measure the time elapsed between the initial sending of the signal and its return to the float, giving an unbeatably accurate fuel reading which is then relayed to the console on site or directly to the point-of-sale (POS). Our probes are available as both wired and wireless units, so you can be sure that whatever your site configuration, you are receiving the best service. Speak to an Expert Wired Probes We believe in choice. That’s why we offer both wired and wireless probes. Our wired probes are ideal for sites which already have the required cabling to enable easy installation and function. Benefiting from fast and reliable data transmission, our wired probes are suitable for both above and below ground tanks and are the product of choice for many retailers across the globe. Wireless Probes Our wireless liquid level probes are perfect for sites wishing to avoid expensive digging, wiring and cabling costs. They are able to transmit data up to 80 meters from underground tanks - a distance which can be extended to 800 meters with the aid of an additional above ground RF receiver - and are well-equipped and rigorously tested to manage environments where wireless coverage is typically limited. The wireless liquid level probes benefit from all of the same features as the wired probe. Explore Probes Please Select Your Region NA OTHER Available in NA NA DFS DMP Magnetostrictive Probe(s) Discover More OPW FMS 7100 AST Flex Probe Discover More OPW FMS 924B Probe Discover More Available Across the Rest of the World OTHER DFS DMP Magnetostrictive Probe(s) Discover More DFS DMP Flex Magnetostrictive Probe(s) Discover More OPW FMS 7100 AST Flex Probe Discover More OPW FMS 924B Probe Discover More ProGauge Magnetostrictive Wired XMT-SI 485 Probe Discover More ProGauge Magnetostrictive Wireless XMT-SI-RF Probe Discover More ProGauge XMT Exd Probe Discover More Speak to an Expert Back to Top

  • Floats | Dover Fueling Solutions

    Discover what Lies Beneath ProGauge Floats Top of foats page Discover our floats Our comprehensive range of in-tank floats can accurately determine water contamination, phase separation and fuel density. Phase-separated fuel occurs when water in the tank causes the ethanol in the fuel to become saturated and then settle at the bottom of the tank. The density kit continuously measures the density of the fuel in the tank, providing a measure of even the smallest changes in product quality within the configured density range. Investing in our floats can provide you real-time information to help initiate any corrective actions before serious issues develop and cause financial loss to your business. Speak to an Expert View Brochure Fuel Density Simply put, the density of fuel affects engine performance, so it important that you monitor your inventory for any changes. Thankfully, our floats can help determine any alterations quickly, before performance is compromised. Furthermore, our density floats are able to determine the exact product mix for blended fuels, making it simple to identify if any ratios differ from what is expected, or that has been ordered from the supplier. Phase Separation Our AEF sensors offer protection for your customers against contaminated fuels, which can cause significant damage to vehicle engines. Using real-time monitoring, these floats - as is also true for our density floats - extend the product monitoring and detection capabilities of in-tank probes, and can be easily retrofitted for specific fuel types, changes in market requirements or the introduction of new fuels. Explore Floats SELECT REGION View Region Key Europe NA Global Shoes to Shine Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection. Shoes to Shine Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection. Shoes to Shine Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection. Discover Probes Discover DX Wetstock® Discover Consoles Speak to an Expert Back to Top

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  • Dover Fueling Solutions Launches DX Promote® Auto, a New Industry-Leading Managed Media Service

    DX Promote® Auto equips fueling and convenience retailers with premium, ready-to-be-displayed advertising content, helping save time, drive in-store foot traffic and boost bottom lines. AUSTIN, TX – September 27, 2023 – Today, Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS), part of Dover Corporation and a leading global provider of advanced customer-focused technologies, services and solutions in the fuel and convenience retail industry, announced the launch of DX Promote® Auto, a new managed media service that provides retailers with state-of-the-art advertising content to display on the DFS Anthem UX® platform. The new service will provide fueling and convenience retailers access to a dedicated team that manages and creates custom, site-specific advertising to help retailers save time, drive in-store foot traffic and increase sales. DFS developed DX Promote Auto with feedback from Anthem UX and DX Promote® users who want media but neither have the time nor the resources to create compelling and trusted content to unlock the true power of the Anthem UX platform. Designed to offer retailers the necessary time to prioritize the supervision of daily operations, DX Promote Auto for Anthem UX oversees the creation, management and presentation of short-form infotainment, national promotions and major oil content to customers, while also increasing in-store spend and enhancing customer experience at the pump. “Many of our small and medium-sized business customers wear multiple hats and lack the resources and expertise for effective on-site advertising creation,” said Scott Negley, Senior Director, Product Management at Dover Fueling Solutions. “The goal of this new offering is to lighten the load for retailers while simultaneously enabling the customer experience evolution. With the Anthem UX platform increasing sales for promoted items by 51%, we know that targeted media is a powerful tool. Now, it’s about helping our customers create curated playlists and utilize this tool effectively to drive in-store foot traffic and boost bottom lines.” To ensure retailers will be supplied with their preferred content on DX Promote Auto, DFS will provide a customer intake form for banner ads on a quarterly basis. This will allow retailers to select monthly content picks to ensure relevance and value. Retailers will also be able to personalize the content for their marketing needs, such as calls to action and price points. Included in the DX Promote Auto managed media service are the following: Short-form infotainment, engaging national advertisements and major oil promotions (when provided) Personalized retailer-selected banner ads with a call to action, scheduled by DFS (up to six per month) If there is no media selected for the quarter, DFS will play a default playlist that includes rotating engaging content Weather and traffic tabs provided by Google through DX Promote Auto A dedicated DFS team to manage the retailer’s media DX Promote Auto on Anthem UX platform has rolled out at select fuel stations in the United States, with continued expansion planned for the near future. For more information, visit

  • DFS Partners with GRUBBRR to Launch Self-Ordering Solution for C-stores and Fueling Stations

    DOWNERS GROVE, Ill., August 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Dover Fueling Solutions (“DFS”), a part of Dover (NYSE: DOV) and a leading global provider of advanced customer-focused technologies, services and solutions in the fuel and convenience retail industries, today announced a new partnership with GRUBBRR, a cutting-edge provider of self-ordering technology. The partners will launch a self-ordering solution, DX Market™ powered by GRUBBRR®, within the DFS Anthem UX™ platform on the Wayne Ovation® fuel dispenser. DFS’s collaboration with GRUBBRR will generate increased revenue for fuel retailers by providing them the opportunity to offer customers the convenience of ordering food and shopping for products while pumping gas. DX Market powered by GRUBBRR will also enable retailers to offer customizable promotions and upsell opportunities with video and static content. This cutting-edge experience delivers on the transgenerational consumer expectation that fueling stations are becoming increasingly automated and featuring more self-checkout options, revealed in DFS’s Future of Fueling Trend Report. “DFS Anthem UX platform is a powerful tool for retailers to drive foot traffic into their stores and increase sales for promoted items,” said Kurt Dillen, VP Global Business Development at DFS. “Integrating GRUBBRR’s self-ordering technology into DFS’s Anthem UX platform, DX Market will enable customers to make purchases before stepping into the store, allowing for a quicker, more streamlined experience and increased satisfaction. With many gas station owners making a majority of their money in retail, we expect a meaningful impact on revenues.” “To maximize profitability, merchants need to reduce friction in the checkout process and engage consumers in new and innovative ways," said Sam Zietz, CEO of GRUBBRR. "Our software is designed to streamline the ordering process and provide a seamless customer experience, creating a one-stop-shop solution that empowers retailers to grow revenue through improved consumer retention and increased basket size." "As a customer-centric company, DFS seeks to enhance the fueling experience and provide value-added solutions," said Kendra Keller, Vice President and General Manager, North America at DFS. "The integration of GRUBBRR’s self-ordering software into the Anthem UX reinforces our commitment to providing our customers with the best overall experience while at the pump. The self-ordering solution also simplifies the order fulfillment process for store operators, improving operational efficiency for the benefit of not only the consumer, but the retailer as well.” “Consumers expect frictionless shopping experiences, both online and in-store,” said Farshad Tafazzoli, Chief Strategy Officer at GRUBBRR. “We’re honored to be selected by DFS as their self-ordering solution to enhance consumer convenience. As gas stations and convenience stores make this digital transition, GRUBBRR is proud to optimize the customer journey.” DX Market powered by GRUBBRR is set to roll out initially in select fuel stations across the United States, with plans for global expansion in the future. For more information, visit

  • Dover Fueling Solutions Launches Advanced Fusion Prizma Automation Server in MEA Region

    AUSTIN, TEXAS – June 29, 2023 – Dover Fueling Solutions (“DFS”), a part of Dover Corporation and a leading global provider of advanced customer-focused technologies, services, and solutions in the fuel and convenience retail industry, is thrilled to announce the launch of Fusion Prizma – a trailblazing automation server that combines our industry leading DFS forecourt controller (“FCC”) and point-of-sale (“POS”) system to provide seamless connectivity between forecourt equipment. Building on the proven success of the Wayne Fusion® automation server version 3, Fusion Prizma enables dispensers, tank gauging systems, price signs, and back-end reporting to seamlessly interface with HOS and ERP systems. With Prizma software fully integrated, this automation server enables POS and remote connectivity in one compact but powerful package. “The Fusion Prizma automation server represents durability, quality and reliability,” said Jenthe Govaerts, Product Manager, DFS. “It efficiently connects the entire forecourt offering, including the POS system, via one automation server to provide increased visibility and control for fuel retailers.” Specifically designed for the Middle East and Africa region, Fusion Prizma has been manufactured with dedicated and durable hardware to ensure it is more robust in hot weather climates, to withstand increased temperatures and dust. It also makes use of both standard and proprietary protocols and is future proofed to easily accept new devices and protocols as they’re needed. Designed and packed with performance-enhancing technology, Fusion Prizma features faster speeds, better responsiveness, and expanded connectivity options, which help reduce deployment, implementation, and maintenance costs. This advanced automation server also provides one single point of control, and with remote accessibility and POS built-in, it doesn’t matter where a fuel retailer is located, they can find the information needed, effortlessly. Peter Van Nauw, DFS Senior Director, Automation & Payment Solutions, added, “Fusion Prizma provides fuel retailers with the best of both worlds. Not only do they get an excellent forecourt controller, but it is now equipped with Prizma software, peripherals, and cloud solutions, to make all site and shop operations as seamless as the rest of their forecourt activities.” For more information about Fusion Prizma visit,

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