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  • Contact Us | Dover Fuel Solutions, Fuel Management Systems

    Got a Question? You've Come to the Right Place! Anfrageformular Inquiry Kontaktdaten des DFS-Standorts Globaler Hauptsitz Austin, Texas, USA 3814 Jarrett Way Austin, Texas 78728 United States +1 512 388 8311 Regionaler Hauptsitz Dundee, Scotland, UK Unit 3 Baker Road, West Pitkerro Industrial Estate DD5 3RT Dundee +44 (0) 1382 598000 Guangzhou, China Guangzhou – China 66 Nanxiang Yi Lu Science Town of Guangzhou P.R. China 0086 2082086053 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Estrada do Timbo, 126 Bonsucesso - 21061-280 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil +55 (21) 99263 3854 +55 (21) 99263-3854 (WhatsApp) Regionale Einrichtungen Breda, Netherlands Rudonk 7, 4824 AJ Breda, The Netherlands +31 (0) 854 861 000 Grentheville, France Route de Soliers 14540 Grentheville France Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Lot P.T. 27259. Jalan Sigma U6.14, Bukit Cerakah. Seksyen U6. 40150 Shah Alam. Selangor Darul Ehsan. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Milan, Italy Via Privata Giulio Natta 6 20823 Lentate sul Seveso (MB), Italy +39 03621581465 Perkasie, Pennsylvania, USA 100 East Walnut Street Perkasie, Pennsylvania, 18944 United States Turnhout, Belgium Everdongenlaan 31 Turnhout 2300 Belgium Brighton, Ontario, Canada 40 Sharp Road Brighton, ON K0K 1H0 Canada +1 613 475 3313 Hodgkins, Illinois, USA 6900 Santa Fe Drive Hodgkins, Illinois, 60525 United States Madison, Alabama, USA 127 jetplex Circle Madison, Alabama, 35758 Munich, Germany Lothstraße 80335 München Germany + 49 89 18953 0 Skelmersdale, Lancashire, UK The Technology Management Centre, Moss Lane View, Skelmersdale, Lancashire. WN8 9TN +44 (0) 1695 52175 Victoria, Australia 246A Governor Road Braeside, Victoria Australia 3195 Bladel, Netherlands Industrieweg 5, 5531 AD Bladel, The Netherlands +31 (0) 497 389 555 Kraków, Poland Ul. Gen. B. Zielińskiego 22 30-320 Kraków Poland +48124106610 Malmö, Sweden Hanögatan 6, SE-211 24 Malmö, Sweden +46 40 360 500 Navi Mumbai, India Plot No. 66, T.T.C. Industrial Estate MIDC Mahpe Road Navi Mumbai - 400710 India Shanghai, China 6F, No.6 (Building D).The New Bund World Trad Center (Phase II) Lane 227 DongTy Road Pudong New District, Shanghai 200126 P.R. China +86 21 5858 9000 ​ Villepinte, France Immeuble le Cézanne Paris Nord 2 – BP 45027 Villepinte 35, allée des Impressionistes 95912 ROISSY CH. DE GAULLE CEDEX France +(33) 2 31 15 15 15 addreses service locator Vertriebs- und Servicesuche Marke wählen Kontakttyp auswählen Geben Sie Ihren Standort ein und wählen Sie die gewünschte Option aus dem Dropdown-Menü Globale DFS-Standorte Klicken Sie auf eine Standortkennung, um mehr über unsere globalen Einrichtungen zu erfahren Global locations Vorname, Nachname Marke Titel E-Mail Telefon Überschrift 5 Vorname, Nachname Vorname, Nachname Vorname, Nachname Vorname Nachname Überschrift 5 Vorname, Nachname Vorname, Nachname Vorname, Nachname Vorname Nachname Von DFS autorisierte Vertriebs- und Service-Vertriebspartner Firmenname Marke Meilen Anschrift Vollständiger Name E-Mail Telefon Überschrift 5 Vorname, Nachname Telefon Vorname, Nachname Vorname, Nachname Vorname, Nachname E-Mail Überschrift 5 Vorname, Nachname Telefon Vorname, Nachname Vorname, Nachname Vorname, Nachname E-Mail

  • Saubere Energiespender | Dover Fueling Solutions

    Tankvermessung Bei DFS bieten wir das branchenweit umfangreichste Sortiment an Tankmessprodukten an, von innovativen Tankmessgeräten und hochmodernen Sonden bis hin zu hochmodernen Tankkalibrierungsdiensten, die alle die Branche im Sturm erobern. Wir ermutigen Sie, die große Auswahl an Produkten zu erkunden, die Ihnen helfen, Ihr Kraftstoffgeschäft zu verbessern. Wenn Sie nicht nach einer bestimmten Produktart, sondern nach einer Komplettlösung suchen, z. B. in Bezug auf Wetstock, Zahlung, Flotte oder Medien, um nur einige zu nennen, haben wir auch sorgfältig durchdachte Produkt- und Servicepakete, die Ihr Geschäft wirklich auf die nächste Stufe heben können. Speak to an Expert Find the Perfect Clean Energy Dispenser with DFS Please Select Your Preferred Fuel Type CNG LPG HYDROGEN LNG Top of clean energy Don't Miss the Podcast Episode: Fuels of the Future Listen Now #FuelingTheConversation Podcast by DFS CNG Dispensers CNG CNG, a fuel based primarily on methane, is the cleanest of all fossil fuels, as when burned, it releases carbon dioxide and water vapor into the atmosphere: the same compounds we exhale when we breathe, helping to reduce the harmful effects of greenhouse gas emissions. Tokheim Quantium® Qx30 CNG fuel dispenser Available in India Discover More Wayne Helix® 6000 II CNG fuel dispenser Available in Europe, MEA Discover More LPG Dispnsers LPG LPG is a mixture of gaseous hydrocarbons produced from natural gas and oil extraction and from oil refining. It is automatically generated during the production of methane and during the refining process itself. LPG has lower greenhouse gas emissions than other fossil fuels when measured on a total fuel cycle. Tokheim Quantium® ML LPG dispenser Available in Europe, MEA Discover More Tokheim Quantium® FS LPG dispenser Available in Europe, MEA Discover More Wayne Helix® 6000 II LPG dispenser Available in Europe, MEA Discover More Wayne Century™ 3 LPG dispenser Available in Europe, MEA Discover More Hydrogen Dispensers HYDROGEN Hydrogen is a zero carbon gas and the most abundant element in the universe. It can be produced via a number of methods, including solar and wind power or water electrolysis. Transport and distribution can be done via pipeline, high pressure tube trailer and liquified form. Within a fuel cell, compressed hydrogen (up to 700 bar), in contact with oxygen from the air, generates electricity for the car engine and produces only water as exhaust. DFS Hydrogen dispenser Available in Europe, MEA Discover More View the DFS Hydrogen Dispenser in AR View on App Store View on Google Play On the application, scan the trigger image to view the DFS Hydrogen dispenser in AR. View below trigger image to get the full experience! View Trigger Image LNG Dispensers LNG LNG is a non-toxic liquid, formed when natural gas is cooled down to -160°C/-260°F. This non-flammable liquid is 600 times smaller in volume than when in its gaseous state, and therefore it is both easier and safer to handle and ship. LNG is the cleanest fossil fuel. It is an excellent alternative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help combat global warning. Combined with proper site equipment, LNG can be boiled off in order to produce and deliver CNG at the same station. LIQAL LNG dispenser Available in Europe, MEA Discover More Speak to an Expert Back to Top

  • PRODUKTE | Dover Fueling Solutions

    Produkte Bei DFS sind wir sehr stolz auf unsere Produktpalette und die Vorteile, die sie für Sie – unsere Kunden – bietet. Unsere Tokheim- und Wayne-Zapfsäulen sind bekannt für ihre unübertroffene Qualität und ihre fortschrittlichen technischen Merkmale, die Ihr Unternehmen von der Konkurrenz abheben werden. Wählen Sie aus unserer umfassenden Auswahl an Produkten für das Kraftstoffmanagement, um eine punktgenaue Verwaltung Ihrer Kraftstoffbestände zu gewährleisten. Vervollständigen Sie schließlich das Erscheinungsbild Ihrer Tankstelle, indem Sie eines unserer umfangreichen Angebote an hochsicheren Zahlungsprodukten auswählen. Products AUTOMATIC TANK GAUGING Discover More FUEL DISPENSERS Discover More CLEAN ENERGY DISPENSERS Discover More FLEET FUEL MANAGEMENT Discover More SECURE PAYMENT Discover More AFTERMARKET PARTS Discover More Speak to an Expert Back to Top

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  • DFS DMP Magnetostrictive Flex Probe Set to Transform Fuel Management for Fuel Retailers

    AUSTIN, TEXAS, – November 15, 2021 – Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS), a part of Dover Corporation that delivers advanced fuel dispensing equipment, electronic systems and payment, fleet systems, automatic tank gauging, and wetstock management, is proud to announce the launch of a brand-new addition to its family of fuel management products – the DFS DMP Magnetostrictive Flex Probe. This practical, cost-effective and flexible solution is set to transform fuel management for fuel retailers in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Using magnetostrictive technology, the DMP Flex Probe relays precise readings of fuel and other tank liquids to fuel retailers. The DMP Flex Probe is engineered to operate in challenging environments, such as tight, difficult-to-access spaces or tall outdoor tanks. The DMP Flex Probe also monitors all fuel types and additives, including biofuels and AdBlue®, while supporting phase separation, configurable leak detection and inventory management when used with aqueous ethanol floats. The DMP Flex Probe is compatible with a wide range of DFS fuel management products, including the ProGauge MagLink LX family of consoles, the ProGauge MagDirect console, the Wayne Fusion® automation server with automatic tank gauge, and the OPW Fuel Management Systems SiteSentinel® Nano™ and Integra™ consoles. To ensure unbeatable wetstock monitoring at fuel sites, retailers can pair the DMP Flex Probe with one of these industry-leading tank gauge consoles, each designed to deliver the right level of functionality for retailers’ fuel business, whatever the size or purpose. DFS ATG General Manager, Stefano Scatena said: “The launch of this long-awaited flexible probe allows us to continue offering truly global solutions in the fuel retail market. Our teams have worked very hard developing and testing this product to the highest standard over the last year, and we’re excited to launch this innovative probe to customers who have come to expect only the very best performance and quality from DFS products.” Fergus Heading, DFS ATG Product Manager, continued: “The new DFS Flex Probe is compatible with all other probes and consoles in the DFS product portfolio, making it very simple to integrate with existing fuel management solutions, and providing a true mix and match of DFS solutions to best suit our customers fuel retail business.” For more information, visit

  • Dover Fueling Solutions Opens New Factory in Milan

    AUSTIN, TEXAS, – October 28, 2021 – Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS), a part of Dover Corporation and a leading global provider of advanced customer-focused technologies, services and solutions in the fuel and convenience retail industries, is pleased to announce the opening of its brand-new production facility in Milan, Italy. This large, high-grade facility consolidates the ProGauge and Wayne Fueling Systems locations in Italy into one modernized manufacturing and office space. All ProGauge automatic tank gauge (ATG) solutions — probes, consoles and 3D laser scan automatic tank calibration — are now solely designed and manufactured at the new facility. The hub is also home to ProGauge sales, customer services and product management departments, making the new and improved Milan factory the center for all things ATG related. In addition, the Wayne Fueling Systems Italy sales and support office, including IT and finance, recently relocated to the same facility. After officially opening its doors last month, the Milan factory supports leaner operational efficiencies and future expansion for the ProGauge product lines while improving DFS’ operations within Europe. With more products being manufactured on-site, DFS is now able to offer an extended product range to customers with shorter lead times. Acting as the central ATG hub for Europe, the Milan facility will also be able to provide support for the OPW Fuel Management Systems (OPW FMS) ATG product lines. This will enable the sales team outside of the U.S. to efficiently service new and legacy customers by supplying OPW FMS ATG solutions direct from Milan in bulk, resulting in reduced lead times and improved shipping costs. DFS Senior Business Development Manager, Fergus Heading said, “We are already a global supplier, and the Milan facility will help us to develop and manufacture new and exciting products for our expanding customer base." DFS ATG Business Unit General Manager, Stefano Scatena added, “This factory provides the base for future expansion, allowing us an exciting opportunity to grow our business at a faster rate and reach customers more efficiently. Our 60 member team is delighted to work in this new facility, and we are looking forward to further growth in the future.” For more information, visit

  • Dover Fueling Solutions Releases DFS Fusion™ Automation Server Version 3

    AUSTIN, TEXAS, – September 1, 2021 – Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS), a part of Dover Corporation that delivers advanced fuel dispensing equipment, electronic systems and payment, fleet systems, automatic tank gauging, and wetstock management, is pleased to announce the launch of its DFS Fusion™ Automation Server Version 3. This model builds on the success of its predecessor but runs on more advanced technology used in many other new DFS products and solutions, such as the DFS Anthem UX™ user experience platform and DFS Edge – which means it is readily enabled for digital transformation for the retail fueling industry through DFS’ new connected solutions platform, DFS DX™. The Fusion V3 boasts a fresh, sleek design, complete with a backlit LED screen for instant status updates. Developed to allow fuel dispensers, tank gauge systems, price signs and back-end reporting to interface more seamlessly with point-of-sale and ERP systems, this small but powerfully upgraded solution is packed full of performance-enhancing technology to facilitate faster speeds and better responsiveness, as well expanded connectivity options. Using the Fusion V3, fuel retailers gain real-time visibility into information that will help them make smart business decisions, any time, and from anywhere. In addition, the Fusion V3 offers benefits such as in-depth reporting capabilities, providing enterprise-level visibility, remote management for unattended hours, interactive access for remote training, and remote accessibility and upgradability from any location. Fusion V3 can also be used as a flexible automatic tank gauge (ATG) system, removing need for a traditional console, optimizing investment and reducing complexity. DFS Global Product Manager Nuno Almeida said, “The new Fusion V3 offers a reliable, secure and scalable solution for site automation, while optimizing the total cost of ownership. Building on DFS’ vast experience in advanced technology developments around the globe, Fusion V3 provides a high level of functionality and superior performance to deliver comprehensive connectivity of forecourt equipment.” The first version of the Fusion Automation Server was launched by Wayne Fueling Systems in 2007, with the second version released in 2014, and over the years it has provided advanced connectivity functionality to thousands of forecourts across the world. This newest model is yet another example of how DFS leverages the strength of its history in innovation to spur its evolution into a technology leader in the fuel retail industry. Read more about the DFS Fusion V3 at and hear about the DFS DX connected solutions platform at

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