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At DFS, we offer some of the industry’s most secure and reliable payment solutions, including the DFS Self-Checkout Kiosk, the renowned Wayne iX Pay Secure Payment Platform and the Tokheim Crypto VGA Outdoor Payment Terminal, offering you the breadth of choice you need to find the perfect payment solution for your fuel business.

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The Tokheim OASE helps facilitate fuel and bank card payments at the electronic point-of-sale,  reducing the complexity of diverse key management and protocol implementation from the site and bringing it to a central switch point. One single security scheme (based on 3DES DUKPT) and one single protocol (based on IFSF) is all it takes to connect to Prizma site with the Tokheim OASE, which is then able to convert all payments made from bank cards in accordance with their specific security and protocol guidelines.

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Tokheim OASE
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The Wayne iX Pay secure payment solution delivers advanced security in addition to investment-protecting flexibility and scalability. Featuring an innovative modular design, the iX Pay secure payment solution is available as an option on Wayne Ovation and Helix fuel dispensers or as a retrofit kit for legacy Wayne and select third party dispensers. It is also built on a technology foundation that integrates with our award-winning Wayne iX technology platform.

Wayne iX Pay
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With a revolutionary touchscreen, the Crypto VGA makes payment faster and easier for your customers, while the intuitive onscreen graphics quickly and easily guide them through the debit, credit, fuel and loyalty card process. Certified in accordance with the latest PCI approvals, the Crypto VGA also incorporates a set of robust, anti-fraud mechanisms. Crypto VGA comes with a new designed printer cabinet with optional contactless payment and/or barcode module to read different types of contactless payments and barcodes.

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Tokheim Crypto VGA
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The Wayne TAP contactless/NFC reader is the future of payment at your fuel dispenser. No swiping. No sliding. No contact at all. Just mobile wallet and contactless technology that replaces conventional credit card payment. Facilitating fast and easy payment transactions can help you build stronger customer relationships and attract new business to your forecourt.

Wayne Tap
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The DFS Orion Indoor Payment Terminal is used as a stand-alone payment solution for fuel cards with Tokheim OASE. The solution offers a seamless consumer-facing online payment solution that merchants can count on for years to come. The DFS Orion Indoor Payment Terminal provides an easy way to accept a huge range of fuel cards that are interfaced through OASE. Transactions can be monitored in real time via the DFS Cloud, ONE Portal. There are two different models available.

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DFS Orion
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Tokheim SafePay

Tokheim SafePay, developed in partnership with Gunnebo, is our pioneering closed cash system for retailers. With the ability to replace manual tills with recycling cash systems, Tokheim SafePay efficiently counts payment with the correct change paid automatically. With Tokheim SafePay, stores are safer, cash differences and shrinkage are removed and back office administration is reduced.

Tokheim Safe Pay
Wayne EMV
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North American banks and credit card issuers are officially transitioning to EMV global standards in order to help reduce counterfeit payment card fraud. The increased protection that EMV provides has allowed payment networks to shift liability of counterfeit payment card fraud to retailers that don’t implement EMV. Our EMV Solutions are engineered to make your transition to EMV as easy and cost-effective as possible, with solutions that provide value far beyond meeting EMV compliance.

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Tokheim mobile payment turns the classical fuel card or cash payment into a modern and flexible fueling app, opening up new ways to enhance customer interaction. Using the mobile app, customers are offered a quick and secure way to pay for their fuel purchase safely from within their vehicles. Users are also able to look back over historical purchases and retrieve receipts on demand.

Tokheim Mobile Payment
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