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In DFS crediamo che vi meritiate il meglio. Offriamo una gamma completa di console per indicatori di livello del serbatoio, progettate per fornire il perfetto livello di funzionalità per la vostra attività di carburante, indipendentemente dalle dimensioni o dallo scopo. I nostri prodotti consentono di creare un sistema di gestione completa delle informazioni sul carburante in grado di gestire in modo efficiente una serie di problemi relativi a serbatoi e piazzali. Funzionalità avanzate, quali la gestione centralizzata del sito, la riconciliazione precisa dell'inventario e l'analisi di prevenzione delle perdite forniscono un livello ancora più elevato di capacità di gestione del carburante.

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SIR Reporting

The ClearView solution advanced SIR Service is the ideal solution to ensure your tanks and lines are performing within industry standards, without having to perform exhaustive manual checks.

  • Remain compliant

  • Avoid fines

  • Reduce shrink

  • Gain peace of mind

Our SIR Reporting includes:

  • Federal and regional regulatory leak detection reporting.

  • Inventory control information and calculation.

  • Resolution steps from SIR analysts.

  • Drilldown exception reporting on problem tanks.

  • FTP data submission available.

  • Identification of fuel variance issues including: possible delivery shortages, meter error, theft and tank chart errors.

Interactive Dispatch Reporting

The ClearView solution Interactive Dispatch Reporting Service is a real-time solution for managing your delivery logistics. It processes your data to advise you on the best method to manage your network inventory, saving you time and improving business efficiency.

  • Save time and money

  • Avoid stock-outs

  • View network inventory levels

  • Increase business efficiency

Our Interactive Dispatch Reporting includes:

  • Recommended dispatching per location.

  • Deliveries scheduled in order of importance, based on run-out probability, by day and hour.

  • Split load scheduling ticket creation.

  • Order integrity verification function.

  • Expert training, support and advice

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ATC Reporting

Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC), is the process of correcting the volume of fuel dispensed to the energy equivalent of 15°C. The energy value of fuel can fluctuate, depending on its temperature. ATC pumps work by regulating the volume of fuel sold, to ensure that the correct amount of energy is dispensed in each transaction.


Pre-ATC Reporting

The decision to install ATC pumps is not straightforward. Due to the nature of fuel temperature variance, some forecourts will benefit where others may not. Thankfully, our Pre-ATC report service can help you to make a more informed decision. It is based on historic in-tank temperature data, taken over a 12 month period.

Post-ATC Reporting

Our post-ATC reporting service demonstrates the impact of the installation of ATC dispensers on your fuel site, giving you an accurate overview of how much your business is benefitting from temperature compensation. The ATC report highlights the fuel loss that has been prevented - in both volume and as a monetary value - over a 12-month period.

Please note that ATC is not approved for use in all countries; DFS recommends verifying ATC approval status with regional regulatory authorities.

Site Optimization

Consumer habits change in line with market trends, causing certain fuel grades to wax and wane in popularity. Making regular changes to your forecourt to reflect this can be difficult and costly, however, we can help you to make a more informed decision. Our site optimization report advises you of the most cost-effective solution to keep abreast of customer demands, reduce stock-outs and increase sales.

Delivery Verification Analysis

The Delivery Verification Analysis is able to monitor your fuel deliveries to an accuracy of 1/1,000th of an inch, reconciling the Bill of Lading (BOL) with the actual fuel volume delivered to quickly determine any short deliveries that may be having a negative financial impact on your business. It is also able to identify cross-drops and split loads.

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