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Designed to Offer a Level of Protection to Your Fuel Business

Wetstock Managed Services

We understand that managing all aspects of your fuel business can be a difficult job, fraught with challenges. Our wetstock monitoring services are designed to offer a level of protection to your fuel business by identifying the source and exact location of any fuel losses that occur on-site so that you don't need to worry. Our expert monitoring services can help you lower operational costs and improve profit margins, whilst offering regulatory and environmental protection to keep you legally compliant and give you peace of mind. We monitor millions of gallons/liters of fuel every day, for independent dealers, hypermarket chains, and multi-national oil companies across the globe.





Real-Time Analysis

Real-time analysis provides you with the highest level of forecourt protection. Through the installation of specialized equipment on-site, data is sent directly for evaluation by our specialists. Because the data is transmitted to us in real-time, even the smallest of losses can be picked up quickly, before they become an issue.


What’s more, the automatic reconciliation of gauge and transactional data means that we are able to pinpoint the exact source of loss without entering into lengthy equipment isolation processes, which can have a negative financial impact upon your fuel business.

What are the Benefits?

Real-time analysis can have an extremely positive impact on many aspects of your fuel business. It can minimize financial loss by determining issues of fuel loss quickly, such as those from leaks, theft, over-dispensing and short deliveries.


The swift identification of slow-flowing nozzles and under-dispensing pumps allows for maintenance work to be carried out early, preventing a negative customer experience.


Leave it to the Experts

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we work to identify issues of concern, such as tank, line, offset fill or pump leaks, meter calibrations, short deliveries and blocked filters. We can also determine delivery spillages, water ingress, meter drift and tank overfill.


Our highly-trained analysts then manage any subsequent investigations to pinpoint the source of loss and find the quickest possible solution, minimizing the impact on the environment and your business. 

Investigation Management

All of our analysts work closely with the sites that they monitor in order to radically reduce the chance of any serious issues occurring. In the event of an incident, they will contact the site to ask the necessary questions to eliminate the least likely causes. If no explanation has been found, the analyst will open an investigation. Follow up diagnostics are then performed to pinpoint the exact source of loss.


Our analysts guide the site manager through each step of the process, providing support and advice until a satisfactory conclusion is reached.

Scalable and Tailored

Our services are completely scalable, meaning that whatever your forecourt size, need or location, we can offer the service to suit you. Whether you choose to opt for our statistical inventory reconciliation (SIR) base service, or wish to invest in our 24/7 expert monitoring capabilities, you can rest assured that your business is protected to the level you require at all times. Our team of specialists is here to help advise you on the right service level for your business.

Remote Management

Both the ClearView and the Fairbanks monitoring solutions come with advanced remote management capabilities in the form of two web portals: Fairbanks Station Manager 365 web portal and the ClearView dashboard.


Through these tools, users can gain greater insight into stock levels, pump and nozzle activity, competitor pricing, historic sales trends, customer behavior and much more.

Available globally, meet the Fairbanks Station Manager 365 online web portal:

  • Greater visibility over your fuel business

  • Wide range of customisable tiles

  • Compatible on any web-enabled device

Available in the US, meet the ClearView Dashboard:

  • Identify weak points in your business

  • Aid predictive maintenance

  • Help to prevent dispenser downtime

Take Control

Take control of your fuel pricing with EdgePetrol.

We've partnered with EdgePetrol to bring you a fuel pricing solution optimized through real-time data and actionable insights. EdgePetrol is integrated with DFS cloud solutions and enables you to push and confirm price changes to the forecourt directly from the cloud.


Optional Analyst Services

Available with Fairbanks monitoring services only. Extra charge may be incurred.

Theft Detection

Our Fairbanks theft detection service helps to protect your forecourts from night-time fuel thefts. Our real-time data service allows us to monitor your fuel tanks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our data communication module communicates directly with your tank gauge, triggering an alarm when potential fuel thefts are detected and contacting you directly, whatever the time of day or night. We can also install siren & strobe devices on site, to further protect your forecourt from fuel loss. Theft Detection

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