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Security, Accountability and Control

FSC3000® Fuel Site Controller



Under Your Control

The FSC3000 Fuel Site Controller sets the standard in fuel-management systems as one of the most comprehensive solutions for your fleet-fueling or petroleum-marketing applications. With the ability to interface with many authorization and commercial fueling networks, as well as proprietary network cards, the FSC3000 features the capability to conveniently track and report fueling transactions by driver and/or vehicle. Compatible with Phoenix SQL Lite software.

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The FSC3000 provides various methods for controlling fuel dispensers, which may feature for both mechanical and electronic pumps.


Each FSC3000 can control up to 12 Fuel Island Terminals (FIT) or Dispenser Terminal Controls (DTC) with a maximum of 32 hoses per site.


Standard memory includes 2,000 proprietary cards and 500 transactions; however, memory is expandable to 64,000 proprietary cards and 2,000 transactions.


Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance ensures cardholder data security and embedded hardware provides 24/7 reliability.


  • Accepts the widest selection of fueling networks and major bank cards.

  • Built-in Ethernet port for network connectivity.

  • Uses Adobe Flash technology to remotely download software updates.

  • Multiple communication methods to access the system.

  • Standard USB memory key for transaction backup and transfer.

  • Dual network option.

  • The registered bankcard feature permits 24-hour fueling in areas where unattended fueling is generally restricted.

  • Connects to pump manufacturer’s distribution box.

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