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Site Services

Running a successful fuel business isn't just about buying the right products and investing in the best solutions. It is inevitable that, over time, particularly for long-standing fuel businesses, you encounter issues on site that require professional, expert input. Our site services are designed to help you keep your forecourt running optimally, offering you significant cost-savings through service execution and preventative maintenance. 

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On-Site Services

On SIte Services
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DSEAR Risk Assessments 

Our comprehensive DSEAR risk assessment service is designed specifically for fuel forecourts. It covers all areas of legislation and includes support and advice for any areas that need improvement. Our technicians visit your site and guide you through the entire Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR) process, leaving you with all of the necessary documentation. A full, tailored action plan is then hosted on our secure web-portal,, which you can access and update at any time.

Pump Measure Check

Our pump measure check service is designed help you to minimise fuel loss and increase profitability. Checks can be performed annually, or more frequently if required. Our UK-based technicians are approved by the National Measurement and Regulation Office (NMRO) to perform pump verification using equipment calibrated to NMRO standards. We then produce a full site report, including individual nozzle activity, to advise you of the savings that you could be making. If recalibration is required, we can adjust and re-stamp meters on the same day. 

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Site Compliance Audits

Our site compliance audits cover all areas of legislation and include support and advice for any areas that need improvement. Our technicians visit your site and guide you through the audit process, leaving you with all of the necessary documentation. The complete, tailored, interactive action plan is then hosted on our secure web portal, which you can access and update at any time. This service is ideal for larger networks. 

Our Culture

Site Refurbishment

Site refurbishment improves attractiveness and increases visits. Higher standards reduce risk and improve asset value. Without question, site refurbishment makes good financial sense, and Wayne construction and forecourt services can make it easier and more affordable than you thought possible.

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Site Services - Wayne Construction.png

Wayne Construction and Forecourt Services completes full and partial refurbishment of forecourts for independent operators, as well as some of the sector's largest groups. We deliver projects which enhance both visual and operational aspects of the forecourt, improve customer experience, win loyalty, and reduce ad-hoc maintenance. We work with our customers to tailor packages which balance compliance, operational requirements and their budget.


Our comprehensive and cost-effective compliance services include tank and line testing, vapor recovery testing, fuel quality testing and electrical testing to help keep your forecourt performing optimally.

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Hazardous Zone Drawings

Our Hazardous Zone Drawing Service helps to identify the areas on the forecourt which have the potential to contain an explosive atmosphere. The resulting report remains valid for life, subject to site changes, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that your site is safe for both you and your customers.

Contract Services

Contract Services

Here to help

Our contract services, available in both the UK and the USA, enable you to leave the details of equipment maintenance and service to us, so that you can focus on successfully running your business. You can select a tailored, comprehensive agreement that encompasses your entire business, and having one, dependable support point-of-contact saves valuable time and reduces costs. We contract directly with service providers so you have only one contract to manage and maintain. Your administrative load is lessened and you have more time to devote to your business.

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