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Your business is stronger, connected. Our solutions are comprised of carefully selected products and services that together help to bring unrivalled functionality and connectivity to your forecourt. Whether you need a complete payment or fuel management solution, or you’re simply looking to make your fueling station safer and more efficient, our diverse range of DFS solutions have been specifically developed to provide value far beyond meeting basic business needs. With multiple options and packages available you can rest assured that we have the tools to enhance your customers’ experience on the forecourt, while helping you differentiate your offering from the competition. We want your business to be the best it can be. Let us help you achieve it. 

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DFS Anthem UX User

Experience Platform

The DFS Anthem UX User Experience platform is the first of its kind to give customers the ability to fine-tune their forecourt experience, while also providing retailers with the tools and data they need to maximize each customer interaction with targeted advertising and promotions, as well as integrate loyalty apps.

DX Monitor

Utilizing the ability to remotely update software and firmware at the dispenser, DX Monitor reduces maintenance costs and maximizes fuel dispenser uptime.

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DFS DX - promote.png

DX Promote

DX Promote is a brand-new way to reach customers, providing a rich content management platform that enables retail fueling stations to offer  their customers an immersive and fully-integrated digital experience on industry-leading, 27-inch, high-definition media screens at the fuel dispenser.

Fuel Management

If you're looking for a complete fuel management solution to support your business, you're in the right place. Click the button below to find out how we can help you lower operational costs and improve profit margins, whilst keeping you legally and environmentally compliant.

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Retail Management

Our retail management solutions are ideal for keeping your business secure and your customers satisfied.


Your fuel business is stronger, connected. Discover our connectivity solutions, including the DFS Edge Data Collection device, and the Wayne Fusion Automation Server.

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Consumer Experience.2.png

Consumer Experience

Your customers are what drives your fuel business, so it is imperative that you deliver to them the best experience on the forecourt, through the power of media.

Fleet Solutions

Our fleet management solutions have been carefully developed to help you get the most out of your fleet business. We have a range of fuel control systems that enable you to gain greater control over your fleet operations, and store conclusive documentation of fuel usage for complete accountability.

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Solutions - Site Optimization (2).png

Site Optimization

Our site optimization solutions are aimed at making remote management of your network simpler. Whether you operate unmanned stations or have a large network that requires monitoring from afar and the option to initiate remote updates or site-wide changes, we have the solution for you.

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