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Taking Data to the Edge and Beyond

DFS Edge

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IoT-Enable Your Edge

The DFS Edge is an intelligent IoT platform that enables secure and robust data connectivity from your forecourt to the cloud and from the cloud to your forecourt.


Built on the latest Microsoft Windows IoT technology and DFS IoT modules,  the DFS Edge is designed to give your forecourt power needed to stay connected. Additionally, with the DFS Edge device, software updates can be performed remotely, making the device future-proofed.

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Social Share Images for DFS Website (63).png

Seamless Data Retrieval

Boasting a sleek and stylish form factor, the DFS Edge utilizes multiple connection points to integrate perfectly with your network and retrieve data.

Across-the-Board Compatibility

The innovative platform interfaces with the vast majority of forecourt devices, is compatible with all major brands of fueling hardware, and is enabled to run multiple DFS software solutions to ensure your forecourt is performing optimally.

Accelerated Response and Processing Times

By moving select workloads to the DFS Edge, you can accelerate response times and enable processing even when you’re not cloud-connected.

Propel Your Business into the Future

The DFS Edge is the only connectivity piece that matters when it comes to facilitating full, centralized, cloud-basedsite management.

It's the last piece of the puzzle. The missling link.

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