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At DFS, we offer industry-leading solutions which create a seamless digital consumer experience and drive revenue.

Transform your forecourt today.

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Kurt Dillen,
VP Global Business Development at DFS

"Since its launch, the DFS Anthem UX® has increased sales for promoted items by 50%. We know this is a powerful tool for retailers to drive foot traffic into stores. Gas station owners make most of their money in retail. By integrating GRUBBRR’s® self-ordering technology, customers will be able to make purchases without first stepping into the store."

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Today’s customers expect more. More interactivity, more choices, more fun. Give your customers what they want with the style, power and flexibility of the Anthem UX®. It has never been easier to drive customer loyalty than with this intuitive technology. The industry’s largest screen brings 27” of selling power to your business, and extra security with a standard three-year warranty.

Anthem UX
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Introducing DX Market™: This new self-ordering solution for convenience stores and fueling stations will allow retailers to enhance customer experience, grow basket size and increase profitability at the pump.

DX Market
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When customers are refueling their vehicles, it is the ideal time to inform them about the other products and services you offer. DX Promote® services enable retail fueling stations to give customers an immersive digital experience by delivering targeted advertising alongside other entertainment and informational content throughout the fueling process.

DX Promote
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If you want all the benefits of media, without the heavy resource requirement, then DX Promote Auto™ is the choice for you. Engage your customers at the dispenser with infotainment, and curated location specific advertising.  Available in North America, you can now drive incremental revenue with customized static ads promoting instore sales, or onsite services.  ​

DX Promote Auto
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The majority of fuel dispensers on the market today don't have the ability to display any kind of digital media, so they are limited to static signage with messaging that is difficult and time consuming to update. Boost sales and profit margins with T-Media™ by DFS, a digital customer experience that allows fuel retailers to engage with their customers during the refuel process.

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