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Data Management Principles for Multitenant Architecture

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How DFS DX Network Architecture Best Practices Strengthen Data Security

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Ensuring Data Security in a Cloud-Enabled Solution

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Making The Connection Between Cloud-Enabled Optimization And ROI

DX Fleet
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DX Fleet® is a revolutionary cloud-based fuel management solution that provides fleet owners, operators, and managers a connected experience through the use of interlinked devices and the ability to remotely monitor their entire fleet fueling enterprise digitally. DX Fleet® delivers real-time monitoring of your fleet vehicles, proprietary cards, transactions, alerts, notifications and reports.

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The DX Wetstock® end-to-end fuel management solution is designed to locate and identify instances of fuel loss for fuel retailers and fleet operators. The solution collects and processes real-time data from a variety of sources, so that you can quickly reconcile any fuel discrepancies down to the gallon or liter, see exactly where and why fuel is lost and subsequently introduce immediate mitigation plans.

DX Wetstock
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The Remote Diagnostics & Management (RDM) solution by DFS is an optional dispenser module, which, once activated, will allow retailers to gather enhanced data while also having the capability to carry out remote monitoring, management, diagnostics, and troubleshooting via DX Monitor®, across the entire forecourt.

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DX Monitor® enables centralized monitoring of fuel dispensers and payment management modules across your entire enterprise of forecourts. Utilizing the ability to remotely update software and firmware at the dispenser, DX Monitor® reduces maintenance costs and maximizes fuel dispenser uptime. Having visibility over the health of each forecourt in the network enables you to proactively prioritize maintenance activities and focus on sites that need immediate or near-term attention.

DX Monitor
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If you have responsibility for managing one or more point-of-sale (POS) systems, DX Retail® makes it easier than ever to update all your stores’ Prizma and DFS Self-Checkout Kiosk systems securely and efficiently, thanks to its use of Microsoft Azure and intelligent edge technology. Driving updates to multiple pieces of Prizma site equipment is straightforward, fast and can be done with the touch of a button from any web-enabled device from anywhere, thanks to its cloud-based connected solution.

retail laptop1 (1).png
DX Retail
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Tokheim Petrol Manager™ enables remote site or network monitoring. The alert module provides an immediate overview of the status of your network and identifies possible problems, whilst the price management function enables you to easily change fuel prices for all fuels across your network, while incorporating any loyalty or fuel card applications.

Tokheim Petrol Manager
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Gaining visibility over unmanned stations from afar is paramount in the effective running of your network. Tokheim Fuel Homebase™ centralizes information from payment systems, dispensers, tank gauges, pole-signs and CCTV equipment, so that you can manage your stations remotely.

Tokhem Fuel Homebase
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DFS partnered with Techniche to bring you DFS Compliance and Asset Manager (DFS CAM). This solution can help reduce your labor costs, environmental risk and cost, improve ROI for all your assets, enable measuring and benchmarking contractor performance to improve efficiency and productivity, and measure performance to ensure KPI’s for your business are exceeded.

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The FSC3000® Fuel Site Controller sets the standard in fuel-management systems as one of the most comprehensive solutions for your fleet-fueling or petroleum-marketing applications. With the ability to interface with many authorization and commercial fueling networks, as well as proprietary network cards, the FSC3000® features the capability to conveniently track and report fueling transactions by driver and/or vehicle. Compatible with Phoenix SQL Lite software.

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Our clock mechanical sensors have been designed to measure practically all fuel types in both underground and above ground tanks, providing a very accurate mechanical indication without the need for electrical supply. They're easy to install - with a single pointer - making them extremely flexible. The clock mechanical sensors are available in varying lengths to accommodate most tank configurations.

Mechanical Solutions
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Combining in-store purchases with fuel payments, the DFS Self-Checkout Kiosk enables customers to pay for all of their forecourt and convenience store purchases in one, without the need for cashier assistance. Simply fuel, shop, scan and pay with the DFS Self-Checkout Solution.

DFS Self-Checkout
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The DFS Fusion® automation server provides seamless interfacing between your fuel dispensers, tank gauging systems, price signs and back-end reporting with your POS and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. This solution offers in-depth reporting capabilities, enterprise-level visibility, remote management and accessibility and upgradability from any location and interactive access for remote training.

DFS Fusion V3
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Prizma enables you to see your business in a colorful new light and in greater depth — spanning a continuum of options and opportunities including end-to-end secure payment, alternative and conventional fuel types, and connected cloud solutions. Prizma makes on-site and remote control easy and enables you to optimize your customers’ experience, which ultimately leads to maximizing your site profits.

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Building on the proven success of the DFS Fusion® automation server, Fusion® Prizma facilitates dispensers, tank gauging systems, and price signs to seamlessly interface with HOS and ERP systems. With Prizma software fully integrated, this automation server also enables POS, remote connectivity, and back-end reporting in one compact but powerful package.

Fusion Prizma
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The Wayne Fusion Head Office is your one-stop web portal for accessing centralized data from across your network. Working in seamless connectivity with the DFS Fusion automation server to provide you with all of the information you need to efficiently manage your forecourts centrally from wherever you are. 

Wayne Fusion Head Office
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ONE Portal is an all-in-one cloud platform that provides and integrates the most valuable features from DFS' portfolio of remote management and site optimization products into one single harmonized and efficient web-platform. ONE Portal allows single sign-on access to a range of customer functions from products and solutions from DFS. Using ONE Portal, customers can easily view information obtained from fuel dispensers, payment systems and point-of-sale devices.

DFS ONE Portal
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DX Power™ connects EV chargers into the forecourt systems, offering retailers additional payment options, increased visibility into their sales and forecourt operations while providing customers with a unified consumer experience. DX Power™ in conjunction with Prizma, optimizes investments and provides site operators with clear visibility and control over payment options.

DX Power
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The Click & Find Monitoring and Tracking Solution is a cutting-edge fuel transportation solution that enables fuel retailers to take full control of their fuel distribution, while mitigating the risk of mistreatment and theft during the transportation phase.

Fairbanks - SM (12).png
Monitoring & Tracking
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Introducing the Bottomline Supply Chain Optimization Solution, a revolutionary way to optimize the supply chain from depot to tank. Fueled by smart planning software, the Supply Chain Optimization Solution can save fuel retailers a great deal of money.

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