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Advanced Monitoring and Tracking Of Fuel Distribution

Click & Find Monitoring and Tracking Solution

Montoring and Tracking


Take Control of Your Fuel Operations

Introducing the Click & Find Monitoring and Tracking Solution, a cutting-edge fuel transportation solution that enables fuel retailers to take full control of their fuel distribution, while mitigating the risk of mistreatment and theft during the transportation phase.


The Monitoring and Tracking Solution, in conjunction with ProGauge magnetostrictive probe technology, allows retailers to monitor loading and unloading activities and ensure accurate fuel deliveries, while also receiving priority alarms if any abnormalities should occur in transit.


It is also a solution that helps retailers to streamline transport operations with various optional services.

Giving You Control Where You Need It Most

The Fuel Monitoring for Fuel Tankers (FMFT) is the Volume-Monitoring and Real-Time Location Tracking System on all tankers or Bulk Road Vehicles (BRVs), which transport petroleum products. This unique solution ensures the efficient transportation of fuel throughout a specific territory.

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The System

The Monitoring and Tracking Solution consists of the following components:

  • Click & Find Black Box for the processing and real-time transmission of georeferenced data to the T3 remote control platform

  • Digital Triaxial Inclinometer / Accelerometer with high precision sampling frequency

  • ProGauge magnetostrictive probes (digital level measurement) installed inside Still Pipe

  • Safey Intelligent Video Camera to detect, continuously and automatically, if the driver is present during the fuel unloading for a quick reaction to emergency events such as product spilling or flash fires

  • Truck Can-BUS interface to acquire fleet management data, including mileage, engine hours, reservoir fuel level, and fuel consumption

  • Fiber Optic Cable for tamper-resistant solution to certify remotely that every sensor or other installed hardware hasn’t been dismounted, displaced or hacked

  • Flow Sensors that detect fuel motion in the pipes


Driver Profile

The driver profile menu contains, for each driver, a summary of the driving patterns of drivers who, in addition to having an impact on driving safety, could be performed with the intention of trying to confuse the anti-fraud system.


The behaviors examined concern:

  • Braking and sudden acceleration

  • Sudden change in suspension

  • Stops with significant noise indices

The Logic

The Monitoring and Tracking Solution has logic for detecting the tapping from the discharge pipe. As such, the flow sensors are placed inside the pipe to detect:

  • the presence of residual product in the pipe - if during the vehicles running phase, there is progressive activation / deactiviation of the flow sensor

  • tapping from the pipe - if during a stop, there is an activation/deactivation of the flow sensor, which is not associated with a lowering of the product level in the compartment, an alarm message will be released from the pipeline



The Monitoring and Tracking Solution allows the generation of the following alarms:


  • Subtraction of product from the delivery pipe

  • Presence of residual product in the delivery pipe

  • Subtraction of product from the compartment through the delivery pipe

  • Unauthorized introduction of product in the compartment from the manhole

  • Presence of residual product in the compartment

Travel Orders and Planning

  • Georeferenced personal data

  • Automatic trip optimization

  • Editing on travel maps (drap & drop)

  • Constraints for delivery times

  • Constraints for vehicle type and size

  • Compartment management

  • Management of product incompatibilities

  • Customizations

Management of Entrances and Exits

  • Loading bay presets from the web

  • Preset loading bays from planning

  • Badge or code authentication upon loading

  • Unlocking loading plans on multiple bays

  • Actual quantities and temperatures

  • Management of registered operator entrances

  • Level probe cloud management

  • Customizations

Proof of Delivery

  • Quantity and temperature of delivery

  • Georeferencing

  • Check compliance with travel plan

  • Electronic head anti-fraud control

  • Control of bottom and exhaust valves

  • Control of levels in the tanker

  • Management of driving hours and driver work

  • Consumption control

  • Customizations

Take Control of Your Fuel Operations

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