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Maintain Compliance, Minimize Asset Downtime

DFS Compliance Manager and Asset Manager

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Minimizing downtime and maintaining compliance of key assets is vital to driving the most profit from your retail or fleet fuel sites, including your convenience stores and other revenue generating assets onsite. Without proper continuous compliance and asset management, fuel site operators and owners can be impacted by:

  1. Mounting maintenance costs

  2. Unexpected and unplanned “out of contract” service costs

  3. Fines due to non-compliance of local regulations

  4. Warranty cost recovery

  5. Unsuccessful accident claims

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Knowldge is Power; Power Means Potential

The good news is that there are tools and best practices available to help optimize your compliance and asset management. The better news is that these solutions do not have to be expensive, large-scale-deployment management systems. Having a built-for-purpose, common, centralized asset database and document library, coupled with a task management tool that provides centralized visibility for all asset related issues, provides you with essential information and insights for minimized compliance risk and asset optimization.

That is why DFS partnered with Techniche to bring you DFS Compliance Manager and Asset Manager (DFS CAM). These solutions help reduce your labor costs, reduce environmental risk and cost, improve ROI for all your assets, enables measuring and benchmarking contractor performance to improve efficiency and productivity, and measures performance to ensure KPI’s for your business are exceeded.

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How it Works

Fuel site and store owners and operators have a common need for a centralized asset database and document library coupled with a task management tool that provides central visibility of all asset related issues, especially maintenance and compliance related expenses.


Various tools that provide solutions to these requirements exist, but they differ in their functional focus, depending on which markets they operate in. They are also designed for the enterprise space so are suited for large organizations only.

DFS and Techniche worked together to develop a solution based on Techniche’s Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), the only CMMS provider that specializes in the retail fuel/c-store sector. Combined with DFS’ modular approach to compliance and asset management, we provide a solution that fits the small and medium size fuel retailers as well larger retailers.

DFS Compliance Manager

Securely store documents that provide visibility to all site-specific compliance, licenses and certifications, as well as regulatory, legal and health & safety documentation - all located in one central library. Automated reminders with pro forma work orders enable you to easily  kick off the workflow. This ensures compliance tasks are carried out for those certificates that are due to expire, leaving plenty of time to arrange for renewal, giving you peace of mind.


This, combined with interactive, comprehensive reports and dashboards, provides true visibility to your compliance status and what it’s costing you.

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DFS Asset Manager

Manage all assets from the forecourt to the car wash to the c-store, ensuring you have access to, and can track, the real-world performance and health of your assets and realize true ROI. DFS Asset Manager enables you to assign tasks, deploy contractors and technicians, manage work orders and track progression. You and your service partners can increase both efficiency and effectiveness by automatically receiving notifications and reminders for tasks. With the mobile app, you can update and create work orders, capture photos and documents, and provide and receive live updates. You can track total task expenditure and monitor performance by site, contractor, and asset, which includes downtime and lifecycle analysis.

Key benefits of DFS Asset Manager:

  • Reduction in maintenance costs

  • Improvement in contractor productivity

  • Increase in warranty cost recovery

  • Savings on invoice reconciliation and dispute management

  • Higher insurance re-claim % on accident damage

  • Improved asset planning, budgeting, and purchasing

Deliver More by Integrating DFS DX™ Connected Solutions Platform

The DFS DX™ platform includes other powerful tools designed to drive operational improvement for specific aspects of your business. Using the DFS CAM with these solutions drives even greater efficiency by enabling one, seamless process for identifying, quantifying and resolving issues in near real-time.

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DX Wetstock® combined with DFS Compliance Manager, for example, provides you with a complete end-to-end solution for all fuel site compliance needs. Data collection, analysis and notifications, remote diagnostics, task management and cost control can be managed in one place - which leads to even more efficiencies and savings - while reducing your risk profile.

A second example is DX Monitor® combined with DFS Asset Manager which can deliver maintenance savings and increased asset uptime. The user has visibility of all maintenance tasks, work orders and assets alongside fuel dispenser real-time diagnostic tools. The ability to perform fuel dispenser remote diagnostics and reboots combined with deploying informed maintenance visits when needed improves the first-time fix rate which ultimately improves asset uptime and saves you money.

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