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Control Where You Need it Most

DFS Fusion® automation server version 3

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Top of DFS Fusion V3


The Only Solution You Need

The DFS Fusion® automation server allows your dispensers, tank gauging systems, price signs and back-end reporting to more seamlessly interface with your POS and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.


Packed with advanced software technology, it’s one small, but powerfully upgraded solution, that can replace a variety of on-site devices, such as a forecourt controller, an ATG system, petroleum-retail console, interface and distribution boxes, and third-party proprietary controllers.

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One Point of Control

By giving you better visibility over many of your current devices with the DFS Fusion® automation server, you can reduce maintenance costs so there are fewer potential points of failure. In-depth web-reporting capabilities mean you can have visibility over sales, operations, inventory and equipment.

Fresh, Sleek Design

Featuring a backlit 128 x 64 mm graphic LED screen, the front-mounted display allows alerts and diagnostic information to be easily readable. With 5 status LED lights to show power, HDD activities and 3 definable (GPIO), the DFS Fusion automation server gives insightful information at first glance.


Stay connected from anywhere, at any time through secure remote access and remote management for unattended hours. The DFS Fusion® automation server also comes IoT-ready to allow easy access to DFS DX™ connected solutions platform for seamless digital transformation

24/7 Support

DFS provides 24/7 remote support for dispensers, systems and other technology. With the DFS Fusion® automation server, you can get support for problem resolution, escalation notifications, increasing security for your forecourt and network, data management and more.

Hardware Designed for More Power

  • One single point of control forhardware and software applications.

  • In-depth reporting capabilitiesproviding enterprise-level visibility.

  • Connectivity from anywhere, at anytime, through secure remote access.

  • Remote management forunattended hours.

  • Interactive access for remote training,instruction and troubleshooting.

  • Enables remote accessibility andupgradeability from anywhereglobally.

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