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Seamless Connectivity and Control

DFS Fusion® Prizma

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Compact Connection, Enhanced Control

DFS Fusion® Prizma, a trailblazing automation server that combines the best DFS forecourt controller (FCC) and point-of-sale (POS) system to provide seamless connectivity between forecourt equipment.

Fusion® Prizma, a solution packed with performance-enhancing technology, features faster speeds, better responsiveness, and expanded connectivity options, which helps reduce deployment, implementation, and maintenance costs.​


Building on the proven success of the Wayne Fusion® automation server version 3, Fusion® Prizma facilitates dispensers, tank gauging systems, and price signs to seamlessly interface with HOS and ERP systems. With Prizma software fully integrated, this automation server also enables POS, remote connectivity, and back-end reporting in one compact but powerful package.

This advanced automation server provides one single point of control – meaning, no matter where a fuel retailer is, they can find the information they need, effortlessly.

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By giving you better visibility over many of your current devices with one single tool, it helps to reduce maintenance costs so there are fewer potential points of failure. Simply plug in the Fusion® Prizma automation server, hook up your devices, and within minutes, you’re connected and in control.


Fusion® Prizma is flexible and upgradeable and as your business continues to evolve, you can readily add software and hardware to keep up. The system comes IoT ready, which means it can provide easy access to the DFS DX™ connected solutions platform to give your forcourt a revolutionary digital transformation.


With Fusion® Prizma’s in-depth web-reporting capabilities, you get better visibility over sales, operations, inventory and equipment, so you’re better equipped to make smart business decisions. With built-in remote accessibility, you can also find the information you need – no matter where you are or what time it is.


By interfacing with a large number of forecourt devices, Fusion® Prizma system gives you one single point of control. This flexibility enables all of your key systems to speak the same language and provides you with one single interface.


Fusion® Prizma provides all of this control in a single, streamlined solution configured specifically for the rugged demands of a petroleum-retail environment. With its solid-state construction, Fusion Prizma is also built to withstand extreme temperatures and dust.


“The Fusion® Prizma automation server represents durability, quality and reliability,” said Jenthe Govaerts, Product Manager, DFS. “It efficiently connects the entire forecourt offering, including the POS system, via one automation server to provide increased visibility and control for fuel retailers.”

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Prizma: Powerful Connection With the One
and Only Prizma Ecosystem

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DFS Fusion® automation server version 3: Hardware Designed for More Power

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