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Easily Mitigate Risk with Real-Time Visibility and Insights

DX Wetstock®

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The DX Wetstock® end-to-end fuel management solution is designed to locate and identify instances of fuel loss for fuel retailers and fleet operators. The solution collects and processes real-time data from a variety of sources, so that you can quickly reconcile any fuel discrepancies down to the gallon or liter, see exactly where and why fuel is lost and subsequently introduce immediate mitigation plans. DX Wetstock® is simple to set up and use and can help any size of fuel station identify and minimize fuel loss, transform the entire reconciliation process, and lower overall operational costs, all while mitigating risk.


"It's truly amazing what we are able to find in the network using DX Wetstock® - a great product that we are happy to endorse and share with our Nordic clients. The team behind DX Wetstock® are absolutely outstanding at their work - true starts within the DFS organization."

- Jan Rønnebech Jørgensen, Division Director, Wennstrom Solutions & Services A/S 

Detect fuel losses early

DX Wetstock® helps you to save money through early detection of fuel losses caused by issues such as leaks, fraud, theft and meter drift. With the ability to detect fuel loss against 45 different causes, you’ll have an accurate, real-time view of data from across your forecourt, as well as receive instant alerts and access to easy-to-use dashboards.

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Achieve environmental and regulatory compliance

Using this solution, you are able to easily meet local compliance requirements* and reduce your business' potential impact on the environment. Thanks to real-time alarm systems, you are able to mitigate leaks and other fuel loss issues before they become major problems.


*USA only

Reliable and actionable real-time data and insights

Powered by Microsoft Azure, DX Wetstock® delivers powerful and actionable AI/ML data insights directly to your dashboard. Real-time updates and insights for a single fuel station or hundreds or thousands of fuel stations enables you to stay on top of your fuel operations and ultimately lower overall operational costs.

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DFS ran a wetstock monitoring Proof of Concept on a small group of 10 stations for 6 months.


The results are in and they're extraordinary!

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