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Remote Diagnostics & Management Solution


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Looking for a similar solution available in the North America region?


Discover DX Monitor®.


The Remote Diagnostics & Management (RDM) solution by DFS is an optional dispenser module, which, once activated, will allow retailers to gather enhanced data while also having the capability to carry out remote monitoring, management, diagnostics, and troubleshooting via DX Monitor®, across the entire forecourt. Having visibility over the health of each dispenser in a network enables you to proactively prioritize maintenance activities. By providing access to and insights on each dispenser and fueling point, RDM by DFS can help make your fueling station more efficient and cost effective.

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Soren Powell-Holse,
Director of Prouct Marketing at DFS

“Today, most dispenser equipment issues are reported by the motorist. This delays the time taken to resolve issues, meaning unhappy customers and out of service dispensers – negatively impacting the overall consumer experience, reducing fuel sales, and damaging customer loyalty and brand reputation. This is where the connected dispenser comes in. RDM by DFS puts retailers in full control of their forecourt equipment and allows them to provide an optimal customer experience through our pioneering remote monitoring and management technology.” 

Resolve Issues Before They Cause an Impact

  • Manage fueling points to ensure dispenser operations are running smoothly

  • Receive updates on dispenser health, alerting you to issues before they impact your customers, or your bottom line

  • Reduce your sales losses and dispenser issues

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Proactive Monitoring to Minimize Downtime

  • Optimize volume throughput by minimizing downtime through pioneering remote diagnostics and management technology to providing an optimal customer experience

  • Reduce the time taken to identify, report, and correct an issue

  • Monitor the flow rates of every fueling point and grade and receive proactive alerts when slow flow rates are detected so retailers can take action

  • Manage, correct, and reboot dispensers remotely

Decrease Maintenance Costs and Boost Efficiency

  • Remotely diagnose issues and use advanced troubleshooting to remotely fix a dispenser without dispatching a field technician to site

  • Reduce maintenance costs and service call outs, resulting in low total cost of ownership (TCO)

Remote Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Through our uniquely developed parallel communication channel, we use core original equipment manufacturer (OEM) data for monitoring our fuel dispensers to ensure enough granularity to be able diagnose issues remotely.​​​

Effective and Efficient Dispenser Monitoring

 Once an issue is detected, further analysis, including access to dispenser log-files and troubleshooting, can be done remotely from our intuitive user-interface. If a site visit is required, all the data is there to ensure a field tech, with the right knowledge and parts, is dispatched for that all important “first time fix”.

Mitigate Excessive Maintenance Costs

With RDM by DFS, in conjunction with DX Monitor®, we can do almost anything remotely that isn’t considered relevant for metrology, including changing parameters in the programming, and performing a remote reset of the pump computer. By doing this, RDM by DFS can avoid 1 in every 3 calls that would otherwise require a field technician to be dispatched to site.

Optimize Throughput and Consumer Experience

The remote fix capability of RDM by DFS significantly reduces downtime on site, to provide an optimal consumer experience and ensure all dispensers are actively trading, all while mitigating costs associated with dispatching field technicians.

Manage Your Forecourt Enterprise Efficiently with DX Monitor®

Utilizing the ability to remotely manage software and firmware at the dispenser, DX Monitor® reduces maintenance costs and maximizes fuel dispenser uptime.

Avoid 1 in 3 callouts to site.

Proactively identify 9 out of 10 issues that would otherwise persist until a customer reports them.

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Secure and scalable communication with, and management of, a number of remote devices.

Proactive, condition-based equipment state evaluation, which helps maximize equipment utilization and enhance customer experience.

Quickly and easily view the dashboard — no matter how many sites you are monitoring — and gain insight to how many sites require attention.

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