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Central Monitoring at Your Fingertips

Wayne Fusion Head Office

Top of Wayne Fusion Head Office


Seamless Operation from Anywhere in the World

The Wayne Fusion Head Office is your one-stop web portal for accessing centralized data from across your network.


Working in seamless connectivity with the DFS Fusion® automation server version 3 to provide you with all of the information you need to effectively and efficiently manage your forecourts centrally from wherever you are. 

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Sales and Stock Control

The Wayne Fusion Head Office gives you control over fuel movement within your network.


Alerts can be generated by the Wayne Fusion Head Office using one of the following triggers: Terminals; ATG/Sensors; Price poles.

Fraud Protection

Using sophisticated reconciliation and alert reports, users can manage the entire network’s behaviour remotely and swiftly deal with issues as they occur.

Through the Wayne Fusion Head Office system, users can easily:

  • Track sales

  • Implement price changes

  • Monitor fuel stock

  • Produce reconciliation reports

  • Transmit data to wetstock management companies

  • Interact with Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Check Fusion device status

Fusion Head Office Inner.png
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