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Boost sales and profit margins with T-Media by DFS, a digital customer experience that allows fuel retailers to engage with their customers during the refuel process. The majority of fuel dispensers on the market today don't have the ability to display any kind of digital media, so are limited to static signage with messaging that is difficult and time consuming to update. This complete solution for integrated digital media turns each fuel dispenser into a promotional powerhouse, using a robust content management solution that drives targeted promotional strategies and enhance the customer experience right where you need it the most – at the fuel dispenser.

T-Media for Helix

Fuel Dispensers

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T-Media for Quantium

Fuel Dispensers

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6 tips to drive profitability and promotions on the forecourt

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Captivate your audience

Most fuel retailers do not take full advantage of the advertising opportunities available to them at the fuel dispenser. Customers on site spend on average around 3 to 4 minutes filling up their vehicles with fuel, focusing on fuel volume and the total cost of the transaction rather than on additional purchases that could be made in the convenience store or in other areas of the forecourt. T-Media is the ideal solution to promote in-store products, grabbing the customers undivided attention whilst they refuel.

A complete solution for integrated
digital media

T-Media makes it simple to upload media and promotional content. Furthermore, this content can be programmed to change during each stage of the fueling process, so whether you wish to boost shop purchases, upsell premium fuel grades or promote car washes, you can count on T-Media to enhance customer engagement and loyalty to your site, while increasing per-visit sales and profit. Use T-Media to promote available products and services, as well as support the local community with public service announcements.

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Event-driven advertising

T-Media gives retailers the power to control tailored messages that engage the motorist much more successfully than traditional loop media. T-Media is not only physically integrated in the fuel dispenser, but also linked to the fueling process itself, meaning that your media content is always in sync with your customers' forecourt activities.

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Does advertising really work?


Tailor messaging to the time of day to make it more relevant, with simple content scheduling to drive footfall and sales.


Target consumers more effectively with different messages for each nozzle on site and unlock powerful cross-promotional strategies.


Take advantage of the consumers undivided focus with powerful promotional content to drive incremental sales and profit.

Scheduling made simple

Uploading and scheduling content with T-Media couldn't be easier. Simply drag-and-drop content into a playlist and decide when you want it to play for maximum impact. Advertise coffee in the morning, sandwiches and salads at lunchtime and lottery tickets in the evening - and much more - through images and video. Once ready, deploy the playlist using the intuitive web user interface to as many sites as required across the network.

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Unlock impulse buying with T-Media to boost sales and profit margins

Since consumers spend on average three to four minutes at the dispenser while refueling their cars, this time is the perfect opportunity to promote products and services right at the fuel dispenser itself.


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T-Media for Quantium

T-Media for Helix

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6 tips to drive profitability and promotions on the forecourt

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Unlock impulse buying with T-Media to boost sales and profit margins

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Does advertising really work?