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Medición de depósitos

En DFS, ofrecemos la línea más completa de productos de medición de tanques del sector, desde innovadores medidores de tanques y sondas de última generación, hasta servicios de calibración de tanques de última generación, que están arrasando en el sector. Le animamos a explorar la amplia gama de productos disponibles para ayudarle a mejorar su negocio de combustible. Si lo que busca es una solución completa en lugar de un tipo de producto concreto, como uno relacionado con el stock húmedo, el pago, la flota o los medios de comunicación, por nombrar sólo algunos, también disponemos de conjuntos de productos y servicios cuidadosamente estudiados que realmente pueden llevar su negocio al siguiente nivel.

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Fergus Heading

Director, ATG Business Development

“We are extremely proud of our global automatic tank gauging offering. Wherever our customers are in the world, whatever their needs, and whatever their forecourt set up, our automatic tank gauging portfolio can help support their business needs and excel to new heights.”

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We offer some of the industry's most advanced tank gauging systems, including the ProGauge MagLink LX 4 console, ProGauge MagLink LX Plus console and the OPW tank gauging Fuel Management Systems SiteSentinel family.

*Requires DFS Extranet Login Credentials

Alternatively, please contact your OPW FMS sales representative.

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The success of our probes is no secret. We are able to provide continuous and highly accurate readings of liquids inside of the fuel tank, to give you peace of mind and enable you to manage your fuel business more effectively.

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Benefit from the industry's most advanced tank calibration service, with ProGauge 3D Laser Scan Automatic Calibration. There is no more accurate tank gauging system on the market – and we would love to tell you more.

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DFS’ comprehensive range of in-tank floats can accurately determine water contamination, phase separation and fuel density. Phase-separated fuel occurs when water in the tank causes the ethanol in the fuel to become saturated and then settle at the bottom of the tank

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DFS sensors are used to inform site owners of potential water ingress and product leaks, using various methods from single float options, discriminating between fuel and water, hydrocarbon detection and vapour detection.

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Sensors (TEST)
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The ProGauge Electronic Pressurized Line Leak Detection (PLLD) option is perfectly suited for use on sites with pressure supplied fuel systems that use any type of Submersible Turbine Pump (STP).

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