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Tokheim TH series fuel dispensers

The Tokheim TH series fuel dispenser line is designed to meet all of your fueling needs. With 1 to 8 hose configuration options, standard through to ultra high-speed fueling, and state-of-the-art security features, these dispensers - whichever model you choose - are the perfect fit for your forecourt. Created specially for the Chinese market, we have developed regionally-specific features that can take your fuel business to the next level. 

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Tokheim TH22 Series

With the Tokheim TH22 series of fuel dispensers, you have the option to choose 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8-hose configuration, and between standard or super high-speed fueling from 4.5 liters per minute right through to 400 l/min. These H-style fuel dispensers offer fraud prevention, fire and tilt detection, the option to pre-set on volume and amount of fuel, and are China Ex-certified. Suitable for national oil companies, major oil companies and private stations.

Optional upgrades

Upgrade to benefit from voice guidance during fueling and back-office communication functionality, IC card and payment-integrated solutions and vapor recovery protection. In addition, all TH-series dispenser livery can be customized so that your brand shines through on the forecourt.

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Explore TH22 Series Dispensers

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Fuel Dispenser

The TH22 dispenser series is flexible, yet robust providing 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8-hose configurations to serve a wide variety of fuel stations. These H-style models offer fraud prevention, fire and tilt detection, the option to pre-set on volume and or spend limit, while all being Ex-certified. With optional features such as voice recognition, IC card payment integration, and customized livery these dispensers will make a sound investment for many years to come.

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TH22 Very High-Speed

Fuel Dispenser

The Tokheim TH22 very high-speed fuel dispensers offer flow rates of between 80-100 liters per minute and 120-150 liters per minute, making them ideal for fleet fuel sites requiring fast fueling for large commercial vehicles. Choose between 1 and 2 hose configuration, depending on requirements.

TH22 - Super High Speed.png

TH22 Super High-Speed

Fuel Dispenser

This one-hose model offers fueling speeds of between 200 and 400 liters per minute, with a 2 inch nozzle and hose. The TH22 super high-speed dispenser boasts a fuel speed select button for improved customer experience and is designed specifically for train, ship and tank refueling. 

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Tokheim TH62 Series

The TH62 series of fuel dispensers comprises of our premium TH models, featuring a media head with a 27 inch horizontal VGA screen or a vertical touchscreen, making them ideal for sites wishing to upsell in-store promotions or other forecourt services. The hose retraction system makes for easy and convenient fueling, whilst also keeping the forecourt looking at its best at all times.

More than your average dispenser

In addition to the standard features present in the TH22 fuel dispenser series, the TH62 fuel dispenser line offers IC card payment integrated solutions as standard, a ticket printer, mobile pay support, voice guidance functionality and an electrostatic discharge button. Video recording, low temperature kits, vapor recovery units and customized livery are optional upgrades.

TH Average Dispenser.png
Vapor Recovery
TH62 - Advertising.png

TH62 Fuel Dispenser

for Advertising

The Tokheim TH62 fuel dispenser for advertising comes with a 27" horizontal screen as standard, making it ideal for TV-style adverts that play in seamless loops. Tailor adverts to match forecourt offers and in-store promotions, as well as to advertise premium fuel grades.


TH62 Fuel Dispenser

for Interaction

The Tokheim TH62 fuel dispenser for interaction is equipped with a large, 27" vertical touchscreen, which allows users to interact with the dispenser with ease. With the touch of a button, users can select grades, choose media content, view best-selling products and complete payment.

Explore TH62 Series Dispensers

Vapor Recovery

We offer 3 types of vapor recovery units to prevent noxious and potentially explosive gases escaping into the atmosphere. All of our vapor recovery units are China Ex-certified and offer standard speeds of 4.5-45 liters per minute. Get in touch with a specialist to learn more about which unit is best for your business operation. 

TH Vapor Recovery (2).png

Types of Vapor Recovery Systems for the TH Series

Mechanical Control Vapor Recovery (MCVR)

  • Cost-effective, competitively-priced option for vapor recovery

  • Local pump, nozzle and hose configuration

  • Standard speed (4.5 - 45 liters per minute)

  • China Ex-certified


Electronic Control Vapor Recovery (ECVR-OL)

  • Designed to offer customers the best value, by delivering a cost-effective vapor recovery solution to suit the vast majority of fuel retail environments

  • Configuration: German DURR pump, imported or local nozzles and hoses (optional)

  • Program control

  • Standard speed (4.5 - 45 liters per minute)

  • China Ex-certified

Electronic Control Vapor Recovery (ECVR-SCS)

  • Equipped with an intelligent closed-loop self-checking function, which can automatically adjust and maintain the gas-liquid ratio, keeping it stable

  • Configuration: German DURR pump, OPW nozzles and hoses

  • Local pump, nozzle and hose configuration

  • Tokheim flow meter adopted

  • China Ex-certified

Tokheim Hengshan ISD (THVR-OMS)

  • Allows station operators to monitor their vapor recovery system, including air-liquid volume ratio, tank pressure, tank temperature, and dynamic back pressure in real time, providing alarms when parameters are beyond set limits.

  • Integrates with up to 48 nozzles at a single site

  • China Ex-certified

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