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May 8, 2021

Building a legacy of reliability

Hector Trabucco, Vice President and General Manager of Latin America, Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS)

The story of Dover Fueling Solutions® is marked by innovation and evolution. Moreover, it’s built on a solid foundation of safety, security and reliability. When the company founders of Wayne Fueling Systems – one of the legacy brands under DFS – first met with investors in 1891 seeking $10,000 to create the Wayne Oil Tank Company, they had no idea they were founding what would become one of the world’s leading suppliers of fueling systems.

Now, it’s quite possible there’s not a single driver on Earth who hasn’t used a Wayne fuel dispenser. Our company continues to celebrate a legacy with several brands and products that have changed not only the industry, but the way people live their daily lives. And while we are a global company, I’m especially proud to share the impact we’ve made in Latin America.

Building a legacy of reliability

Driving Innovation in Brazil

At DFS, listening to our customers has always been the cornerstone of our business practices. In the late 1920s, when several customers in Brazil expressed interest in purchasing locally-produced gas pumps and paying in cruzeiros, we listened. By 1930, the Wayne subsidiary Equipamentos Wayne do Brasil, S.A. was set up in a small Rio de Janeiro storefront with only three staff members. The operation quickly flourished and twice had to move into larger quarters, eventually settling at what would become our current location on Timbo Avenue in 1955.

Since then, we have continued to learn, grow and listen. Today, our Rio de Janeiro facility is the primary assembly plant for all Wayne fuel dispensers sold in Brazil and other South American countries. It is also the main assembly plant for Wayne products exported to most countries in the Middle East and Africa, as well as customers in large parts of Asia Pacific. Moreover, in 2004, what started as a modest operation became the sole global production center for the machining and assembly of Wayne’s core hydraulic components, including meters and pumping units.

Providing security with Wayne

Now, we look to the future while remaining focused on what our customers care about most. In Brazil, like many other parts of the world, there are concerns about fraud and therefore a huge demand for security. A fuel dispenser is a piece of transference equipment for a highly essential and strategic product, so the challenge to maintain its security is huge. It’s not uncommon for some in our industry to look for disloyal, unethical or disrespectful competitive advantages, which encourages and stimulates the fraud market. However, because DFS – through its Wayne brand – has a legacy of secure and reliable technology, our company has become the biggest trailblazer in anti-fraud protection.

Since the beginning, we have cultivated a culture of wearing the customer’s shoes. Therefore, in addition to building robust, quality equipment, our biggest investment is to ensure Wayne dispensers are the reliable, secure and innovative choice to fuel your dreams, both as a gas station owners and end customers.

Over the past 90 years, Wayne® has emerged as a leading technology provider in the fight against fraud based on our sophisticated control platform. An investment in such secure equipment translates into being recognized for preserving the image and reputation of the establishment that purchased it. More importantly, this smart purchase allows the entrepreneur who owns a gas station to focus on his or her business, because with Wayne technology, security is inherent.

Building a legacy of reliability

Continuing traditions of safety

Our company leaders regularly hear from customers who say choosing Wayne® fuel dispensers has brought significant improvements in the security of their business. This is one of the greatest compliments any company can receive. And at DFS, the safety and security of our customers is always top of mind as we design and build our products.

Our highly complex software, designed specifically to combat fraud, makes it impossible to generate source codes by reverse engineering. In addition to the security features, the advanced electronics in our dispensers provides statistical information, including calibration history among other diagnoses.

In addition to having the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology INMETRO certification from the Brazilian regulatory agency that evaluates compliance requirements for automotive products manufactured in or exported to Brazil, our products are also certified by the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML). A global leader in safety, the equipment sold from our Brazil facility is then distributed worldwide.

Building a legacy of reliability

Reliability. Innovation. Security. At Dover Fueling Solutions®, it’s more than what we do – it’s who we are. We are proud of our progress over the past 130 years, and we will continue driving the industry forward with our leading products and solutions for many years to come.

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