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July 16, 2021

Dover Fueling Solutions®: An Industry Leading Fuel Pump Provider

As a leading global provider of advanced customer-focused technologies, Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS) has kept the world moving forward for over a century. To continue powering progress, we are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art fuel pumps for your gas station or forecourt.

With the ability to browse and buy various dispenser combinations and models – including electric and mechanical fuel pump products, and low-pressure fuel pump options – we have something to suit everyone, regardless of location or budget.

We are extremely proud of our product range and the benefits they provide to forecourt and gas station owners – and your customers

Continue reading to discover why our fuel pumps have made Dover Fueling Solutions an industry leader in fuel dispensers.

Dover Fueling Solutions®: An Industry Leading Fuel Pump Provider

Are you Ready to Revolutionize your Forecourt?

Do you want to expand your gas station dispenser fleet by introducing new fuel pump models? Perhaps you’re looking for a fuel dispenser replacement or would like to upgrade your gas station forecourt to improve the customer experience?

At Dover Fueling Solutions®, we stock all leading gas pump brands – including Tokheim® and Wayne Fueling Systems – for sale across the industry and around the globe. From big, multiple-user fuel dispenser solutions and small single-grade fuel pumps, to alternative fuel solutions and electrical fuel pump options, we have a dispenser model to fit your needs and allow you to make the best of your forecourt or gas station environment.

With industry innovation comes new and improved fuel dispensers. However, before we release a new fuel pump for sale, DFS always runs highly-advanced, independent tests and assessments to determine durability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Once all these tests are passed, the fuel dispenser is added to our product line, ready for you to browse and buy.

Our field-proven and advanced technology leads the way when it comes to our gas pump range. Each fuel dispenser is expertly designed and manufactured to provide effortless sales on your forecourt. We invest heavily in research, design and development to ensure the user experience for your customers is easy, while meeting - and hopefully exceeding -their re-fueling expectations. With so many dispenser options available, we’re here to help you revolutionize your forecourt.

A Diverse Range of Fuel Dispenser Options to Future-Proof Your Business

We understand the fuel industry is changing. Embracing innovation is no longer an option: it’s a requirement.

The Dover Fueling Solutions® team behind our gas pump and EV charging products has developed ground-breaking solutions that embrace IoT and drive change forward, including intelligent dispenser technology, revolutionary media solutions and advanced payment systems.

Times have changed and technology has led the way; your customers now expect more than just a traditional fuel pump on the forecourt. A fuel dispenser from Dover Fueling Solutions® could help to future-proof your business and prepare your business for the next wave of fueling options, while allowing you to capture a whole new target audience. A gas pump from Dover Fueling Solutions® can enable you to respond to emerging industry trends, technologies and customer expectations. And a dispenser from Dover Fueling Solutions® could also stop your gas station business from getting stuck in the past.

So, what do we have to offer?

• Sleek fuel dispenser design with enhanced functionality based on consumer behavior for a superior user experience.

• Superior parts and dispensers built on quality. For example, our dispensers incorporate corrosion-resistant materials and global components to ensure lower maintenance and reduced expenses.

• Conventional and unconventional gas refueling options, such as electric vehicle chargers and alternative fuel dispensers to capture a whole new audience.

Did you know that by investing in EV charging you could get early sales? As the world’s population becomes more environmentally conscious, more car owners are making the switch to electric or hybrid-powered vehicles. An electric charge point is the ideal purchase for modern gas stations that want to make more sales, but extra income from EV refueling sales isn't the only benefit that comes from EV charging points.

Our partnership with ABB chargers in Europe enables seamless connection with Dover Fueling Solutions’® point-of-sale (POS) systems, enabling you to drive footfall to the convenience store. Even better, settling payment through the POS system may also reduce transaction fees when compared with third-party EV back-office systems.

By combining EV charge sessions with in-store promotional advertising, you’re able to maximize profits by making the most of the time that EV motorists spend on site. Collaboration with all major vehicle manufacturers also ensures the EV chargers we sell are tested for optimal power output and ready to handle new electric vehicles as they enter the market.

Dover Fueling Solutions®: An Industry Leading Fuel Pump Provider

So why should you choose DFS as your provider of choice?

Dover Fueling Solutions® is an international supplier for advanced fuel dispensing equipment, electronic systems and payment, automatic tank gauging and wetstock management solutions. Our global reach means there is always a local office close to your business. So, wherever you are, we can serve you and you can serve your customers. Our global footprint could also become your global footprint. As your company grows, your business could leverage our working relationship, so your network of gas stations is able to effortlessly network globally too.

We have so many products, solutions and services to offer from many leading industry brands, including Tokheim®, Wayne Fueling Systems, ProGauge, Clearview, Fairbanks and OPW Fuel Management Systems. There’s something to suit every type of budget, while giving you and your customers the freedom to make the best of your forecourt environment.

It doesn’t stop there. We also provide superior sales, maintenance and installation services. Our clients come back to us time and time again because of our powerful commitment to sales and after sales care.
At Dover Fueling Solutions, our sales representatives don’t just want to make a sale; they want their customers' sales figures to improve and, in turn, your customers’ sales figures too.

Not only does our sales team provide outstanding support and advice for improving your on-site sales while helping creating efficiencies within your business, they also deliver high-quality aftermarket sales – something we’re extremely proud of – because our work isn’t over once you’ve bought our products.
At Dover Fueling Solutions®, we provide the whole package. With authorized maintenance engineers and installation technicians who are highly experienced, knowledgeable and skilled, they’re there every step of the way after the sales process, so you can rest assured your purchase with Dover Fueling Solutions® is as seamless as possible. Also, we’re only ever a phone call away should you have any questions.

We know that there are other stockists and suppliers of gas pumps and fuel dispensers out there in the marketplace, which is why we work hard to provide you with the best prices we can offer for our high-quality gas pump equipment.

Still not sure you want to invest in new fuel dispensers for your gas station?

Consider our secure, remote connectivity capabilities, which facilitate software updates that deliver the latest improvements and features to each and every Dover Fueling Solutions® dispenser product, while being able to remotely monitor, manage and configure fuel stations.

Our products and services also allow you to access real-time station information, and certain models enable you to track the charging status of all vehicles with valet and generate automated reports.

Dover Fueling Solutions®: An Industry Leading Fuel Pump Provider

Don’t worry if you’ve never worked with Dover Fueling Solutions before. We’ve put together a simple overview below that will guide you through the process of buying fuel dispenser equipment from us.

STEP ONE: Browse our unbeatable selection of fuel dispensers currently for sale. You can filter dispenser options based on brand, fuel type or region.

STEP TWO: Contact us. We operate globally, and you can either call the sales office closest to you by searching for the number via our sales and service locator, or you can fill out our quick and simple enquiry form.

STEP THREE: Our sales team will respond to your questions quickly (and in detail), where they will be able to discuss your fuel pump replacement or brand-new gas pump installation requirements.

STEP FOUR: One of our authorized service technicians will deliver and install your new gas station pump product(s) on your forecourt and ensure your 100% satisfaction.

Browse our diverse range of fuel pumps and get in touch with a sales representative today.

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