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August 29, 2023

Electric Vehicle Charger Design: Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

As the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) continues to grow, the need for better designed EV chargers and charging stations becomes increasingly important. As of last year (2022), the global count of public charging points reached 2.7 million, with over 900,000 installations occurring during that year alone* – a substantial 55% increase in comparison to 2021 figures.

When it comes to EV charging, most drivers want a charger that is safe, secure, and functional – not to mention efficient. But have you ever thought about the design features of the charger itself and what benefit these could bring to a forecourt? Larger EV chargers don’t equal more power or faster charging. In fact, when it comes to EV chargers, bigger doesn’t actually mean better…

Electric Vehicle Charger Design: Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

EV Chargers Should be Safe, Secure and…Slim?

It used to be that the bigger footprint you had, when it came to service station layout, the more space fuel retailers had to fill. Large pieces of equipment dominated the forecourt, drawing attention from the competition to attract customers.

Now, as the world journeys to carbon-neutrality, while motorists continue to embrace greener transport, service stations are having to adapt to meet changing consumer demands. With conventional fuel dispensers still required, as the market slowly transitions towards clean energy, existing forecourt layouts need to adjust. But at what cost? With little to no space to add alternative energy options at service stations, existing equipment and forecourt layouts could be seen as potential barriers to adoption – not to mention the investment costs involved to increase a site’s footprint.

With the Power UX 180™ Electric Vehicle Charging System, space isn’t a problem.

The slim, compact, and functional design of this DC-fast charger makes it ideal for space-saving applications with height limitations. In fact, its footprint is significantly smaller than other DC-fast chargers available on the market.

The complete Power UX 180 EV Charging System has been designed with space limitations in mind, making it suitable for commercial parking areas, service stations, workplace environments and parking lots, to name a few.

As well as the charger itself being incredibly slim, the EV cabinet – the system powerhouse – can also be fitted in a separate location to the charging posts. Further reducing the amount of space required on site for EV installation; thus, increasing space for drivers on site, while reducing noise levels.

Electric Vehicle Charger Design: Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

With the Power UX 180 EV Charging System, there is no need for:

• Large investment
• Large installation areas
• Noise pollution concerns

Engineered to deliver power output performance and superior charger availability, the sleek design and intuitive user interface of the Power UX EV Charging System provides a premium experience for customers, while enabling fuel retailers to invest in an EV charging system without having to redesign or relocate their existing infrastructure.

Electric Vehicle Charger Design: Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

With its ability to provide up to 180kW of energy to one EV post or share it between two posts in power stacks of 90kW, this Red Dot Design Award winning charging system can deliver up to 100km of driving from less than 10 minutes of charging.

It might be small, but the Power UX 180 EV Charging System is mighty.

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