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Sep 28, 2021

Fairbanks Wetstock Management: Part of the Solution for Better Fuel Forecasting

We understand managing all aspects of your fuel retail business can be a difficult job, fraught with challenges. Our expert monitoring service is designed to take some of the pressure off, helping you lower operational costs and improve profit margins, whilst offering regulatory and environmental protection to keep you legally compliant. Every day, we monitor millions of gallons/litres of fuel for independent dealers, hypermarket chains and multi-national oil companies across the globe. It’s a service really does make a difference.

Fairbanks Wetstock Management: Part of the Solution for Better Fuel Forecasting

Real-time Analysis | Unlocking the Power of Data

Real-time analysis provides site owners with the highest level of forecourt protection. Through the installation of specialized equipment on-site, which can communicate with our analyst systems, data is sent directly for evaluation by our specialists. Because the data is transmitted to us in real-time, even the smallest of losses can be picked up quickly before they become an issue.

What’s more, when you subscribe to the Fairbanks analyst service, you’ll also have access to many bespoke, standard and ad hoc reports, such as daily reconciliation, period summary, pump out-of-use, flow rate, stock holding and many more. The Fairbanks analyst team works closely with the sites they monitor to eliminate the chance of any issues occurring.

Our analysis centre is one of the largest in the world, monitoring millions of litres/gallons of fuel every day. There are in excess of 100 analysts identifying issues of concern, such as tank, line, offset fill or pump leaks, meter calibrations, short deliveries and blocked filters. They then manage any subsequent investigations to pinpoint the source and find the quickest possible solution, thus reducing the potential for fuel loss incidents.

The Fairbanks monitoring solution comes with advanced remote management capabilities in the form of a web portal: Station Manager 365, which has been specifically designed to help manage your fuel business more effectively, delivering real-time information you can access whenever, and wherever, you need it.

This intuitive web portal, which centralizes data from across your network, allows greater insight into stock levels, pump activity, competitor pricing, margin management, historic sales trends and customer behaviour. Managing your wetstock and planning to meet customer consumption couldn’t be easier.

The tools you need

The current fuel shortages are not just impacting motorists in the UK; it’s also created unprecedented challenges for site service technicians, fuel delivery drivers and forecourt owners. Below are only some of the Station Manager 365 tools that could be utilised to help better manage this sort of crisis in the future.

Low Stock
• Observe tank stock levels and order new stock in good time
• View stock levels, measured in days remaining
• Real-time fuel readings

Nozzle Usage
• Track which nozzles are out of action and view their daily usage
• View number of hours each nozzle is inactive in a day
• Set individual ‘critical’ and ‘urgent’ parameters
• Track nozzle use deterioration over time

Stock Levels
• Quickly view stock levels across the network in real-time
• View stock levels, measured in days remaining
• Latest or day-end stock levels
• Sort by tank or grade

Confirm Deliveries
• Verify fuel delivery quantities and track consignment records
• View detected fuel delivery quantities
• Record Bill of Lading references
• Instantly share delivery information with Fairbanks

• Ensure important tank gauge alerts don’t go ignored
• Comprehensive list of alarm types
• View active or cleared alarms
• Check acknowledgement status

Fairbanks Wetstock Management: Part of the Solution for Better Fuel Forecasting

Take Control of Your Fuel Pricing

DFS has recently partnered with EdgePetrol to bring you a fuel pricing solution optimized through real-time data and actionable insights.

As markets around the world consolidate, liberalize and become more volatile, it's more important than ever before that, as a fuel retailer, you take control of your data. EdgePetrol, the fuel pricing software that is optimizing profits for retailers, provides real-time accurate visibility on volume, margins, profit and competition, so fuel retailers can develop and implement a competitive fuel pricing strategy for their business and drive profitability.

EdgePetrol is integrated with DFS cloud solutions and enables you to push and confirm price changes to the forecourt directly from the cloud.

Our wetstock management solution can help monitor fuel consumptions and provide in-depth trend analysis to better forecast the amount of fuel to be consumed in advance. Although this won’t solve the current fuel crisis in the UK, it can be part of the solution to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Fairbanks Wetstock Management: Part of the Solution for Better Fuel Forecasting

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