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February 5, 2024

Fuel Dispenser Safety and Security

As a fuel retailer or service station owner, it goes without saying that dispensers are one of the most important pieces of equipment you have on site. Not only must the dispenser be easy to use by the motorist, it must also operate safely and efficiently, as well as measure out fuel accurately without risk of tampering or fraud. Not only to protect your customers but also to protect the longevity of your fuel business.

Fuel Dispenser Safety and Security

Dispenser Security

At Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS), we take security seriously, as we know how fraudulent activity can hurt your customers, which again hurts your reputation and business. The motorist trusts retailers to provide the exact amount of fuel the dispenser is displaying and ensure the metering is accurate and within legal tolerance, which is why our dispensers represent a crucial first line of defence when it comes to preventing fuel and monetary theft on the forecourt.

From a security standpoint, the DFS EMEA dispenser ranges – Tokheim Quantium®, Wayne Helix®, and Wayne Century™ 3 fuel dispensers – offer a strong line of defence against criminal behaviour, as our intelligent and secure component technology and physical design reduce the risk of tampering and meter manipulation to prevent theft.

We also offer additional layers of security from unique key and lock options, to panel sensors that detect unauthorized access into the dispenser as well as intelligent multi-level access control to the pump computer. Our integrated payment terminals are designed to meet the latest and most stringent security regulations as well as being specifically designed to prevent card-skimming and manipulation.
DFS prides itself on staying one step ahead of the criminals, anticipating their next move and blocking attempts to carry out any fraudulent activity.

Dispenser Safety

Dispensers from DFS are designed with safety in mind from assembly, transport, installation, maintenance, as well as general use by the public. Transport and manoeuvring of a new dispenser, during installation, is a potential health and safety risk, which is why all dispensers within the DFS EMEA ranges are designed with embedded lifting holes in the base frame to enable a safe and efficient way to manoeuvre dispensers during installation.

We have mitigated the risk of working at height, on ladders or platforms, as our dispenser design allows for all maintenance tasks to be done from ground level. Not only does this significantly reduce HSSE risks while on site, it also delivers lower total cost of ownership (TCO) as no extra equipment is needed to work at height or additional manpower to ensure safe working is required for any maintenance intervention, making maintenance safer and more efficient.

Our dispensers are assembled with high quality materials to dramatically reduce the HSSE risk of leakage that can develop, over time, in alternative dispenser models as they utilise lower quality sealing materials. The DFS iMeter™ piston fuel flow metersused within the EMEA dispenser ranges is specified with high quality elastomer seals and our gear pump unit and filter-pot is specified with high quality flour silicone seals and o-rings to enhance durability and provide a strong resistance to ever-evolving fuels and additives to prevent leakages from developing, as well as lowering the QHSE risks and maintenance callouts.

Fuel Dispenser Safety and Security

Future-Proofing Forecourts

With many forecourts looking to future-proof their business, the need for efficient and reliable retail technology is more pressing than ever.

The success of any service station is highly dependent on consumers coming back day after day, month after month, year after year. If your service station starts to get a bad reputation for fuel theft or the current dispensers are not “up-to-scratch” when it comes to the safety or security concerns from your consumers, is it likely that they’ll return? It’s time for forecourt owners to ask themselves if they can meet consumer expectations…

Engineered with field-proven global components and corrosion resistant materials, the new EMEA DFS dispenser ranges offer exceptional safety and security. Retailers looking to upgrade can rest assured they are investing in a dispenser built to last.

Fuel Dispenser Safety and Security

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