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May 17, 2022

Harness Technology’s Limitless Potential to Take Your Forecourt to the Next Level

Technology is rapidly altering the landscape of fuel and convenience retail – making it more competitive, more advanced, more personalized. That’s why the theme of this year’s Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS) User Conference was ‘No Limits.’ Over three action-packed days, thought leaders and attendees discussed the limitless potential of technology and how to harness it to boost profit, enhance customer experiences and drive customer loyalty. Read on for top takeaways on how to keep your c-store ahead of the competition in 2022 and beyond.

Harness Technology’s Limitless Potential to Take Your Forecourt to the Next Level

1. Boost the bottom line with smarter fuel monitoring and increased promotions on the forecourt

With fuel being your c-store’s biggest expenditure and prices rapidly rising, the cost associated with fuel loss and downtime has never been higher. Lost fuel means lost profit. To safeguard against this, leverage remote monitoring tools and integrate advanced security measures for improved accuracy, efficiency and protection.

DFS DX™ connected solutions platform, which includes DX Wetstock® and the ClearView wetstock management solution, rapidly identifies and helps resolve instances of fuel loss whether by leak, short delivery, meter discrepancy or theft. DX Monitor® provides access and insights into each dispenser and fueling point, supplying real-time data helping to alert c-store owners to maintenance needs and security issues. Together, these solutions keep your forecourt safe and running at a lower cost. Volatile fuel pricing fluctuations and surges in theft make it even more imperative to diversify revenue streams. How do you pull customers into the store? Again, we look to technology for cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

The DFS Anthem UX® platform elevates customer interactions with a sleek digital interface that allows for personalized messaging and promotions. Utilizing DX Promote®, c-store owners now have the autonomy to showcase targeted and relevant in-store products or services, driving foot traffic and sales at higher volumes. Future capabilities could allow customers to purchase products directly at the pump to be prepared in-store for quick pick up or even offer expedited delivery straight to the customer’s car, removing all friction points and making additional transactions seamless.

2. Enhance customer experiences to stand out from competitors

As customers raised on technology begin to make up larger populations at c-stores, shifting technology expectations won’t bypass the fueling industry. New-age customers crave personalized digital experiences and investing early is key to winning them over. DFS User Conference gave us a holistic view of revolutionary customer engagement laser-focused on understanding who makes up the c-store customer base, what drives their behaviors and how we keep them coming back.

While behind-the-scenes tank and dispenser monitoring solutions ensure fewer upsets from shortages and dispenser downtime, digital upgrades make the most of the 2-3 minutes customers spend fueling. The DFS Anthem UX® platform is not just a c-store promotional tool. With an interactive touchscreen and contactless payment system, Anthem UX® platform simplifies and accelerates transactions for the optimal customer experience. It also heightens customer interactions through a variety of entertainment options: games, community highlights, local traffic and weather updates, all accessible via a powerful and sleek interface sure to garner attention and win over users.

Harness Technology’s Limitless Potential to Take Your Forecourt to the Next Level

3. Drive customer loyalty and retention for long-term business health

Once you’ve optimized the customer experience within your forecourt, your next priority is to bring them back, over and over. Offering a variety of fueling options catered to different needs, as well as providing fuel rewards and loyalty programs, helps create a strong defense. With larger percentages of the population shifting to electric vehicles and being spoilt for choice, integrating EV chargers into your forecourt retains customers who have recently made the switch. DFS User Conference featured a joint session between DFS and ChargePoint where they explained there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to integration. Instead, it’s dependent upon your customer base and understanding what you need to offer to ensure they keep coming back.

Gone are the days of generalized offers – new-age customers crave personalization. The conference showcased loyalty programs designed to captivate audiences and transform fuel dispensers into automated selling machines with targeted content suited to customers’ needs. An existing DFS customer recently leveraged DX Promote® in the forecourt to encourage customers to sign up for their in-house loyalty program, resulting in a marked increase in adoption from previous print promotions. Digital solutions are helping c-stores leverage wallet steering and build loyalty incentives for increased sales.

Harness Technology’s Limitless Potential to Take Your Forecourt to the Next Level

The fuel and convenience retail industry has not historically been categorized at the forefront of technological innovation, but DFS User Conference was on a mission to change that perception. We believe technology is key to driving innovative customer experiences. By investing early, you set your business up for longer-term success, boost sales, optimize processes and keep your customers coming back time and time again.

Didn’t attend the DFS User Conference? You can view the video by clicking the link in the 'Useful Links' section below.

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