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Nov 8, 2021

Jump Start Stores Communicate and Differentiate with DX Promote®

Jump Start Stores is a rapidly expanding retail chain based in the Kansas market focused on providing “Simply Better Gasoline.” Jump Start has designed a fuel program to offer their customers choice at the pump, whether they are looking for a more economical choice, a more powerful octane or a more environmentally friendly fuel grade.

Having recently expanded from five stores to 18 locations, Jump Start’s strategy is clearly working, with even more growth on the horizon. But how did they do it?

A strong commitment to choice, quality, competitive pricing and technology fueled their strategy. Jump Start has installed DFS Anthem UX® Platform on the Wayne Ovation® fuel dispensers at multiple locations, with plans for more, and is leveraging DX Promote® at additional sites on 10.4” screens to help drive their growth

Jump Start Stores Communicate and Differentiate with DX Promote®

Targeted messaging drives action

Jump Start’s innovative approach to “Simply Better Gasoline” means they are the only fuel retailer offering Super Premium gasoline in their market. Because this sets their chain apart, it is crucial to promote this opportunity and educate customers on the choices available.

Kristin Ghere, Jump Start’s marketing director stated, “providing quality customer service and products is at the heart of our mission. We are able to better do that, with state-of-the-art technology.”

DFS’ collaboration with Jump Start has brought innovative advertising opportunities to the forecourt that were previously limited by static pump-topper signage. Digital opportunities and flexible platforms like DX Promote® allow Jump Start to daypart their promotions, rotate their specials and tailor messaging based on what services are available at each unique store.

Technology sets them apart

Phil Near, president of Jump Start Stores, acknowledged, “In this industry, it is very hard to be different and [Anthem UX®] gives us a huge advantage over our competition.”

Jump Start’s commitment to delivering the best products and service to their customers has proven to be their differentiator in a competitive marketplace. The ability to communicate with their clientele at the dispenser allows them to promote more than just fuel, but proprietary coffee programs, fresh food options and community-driven messaging.

Ghere says their customers love the new technology and have responded positively to the industry-leading 27” touchscreen displays Anthem UX® provides.

Jump Start Stores Communicate and Differentiate with DX Promote®

Innovation is what fuels us

Across 2020, the average convenience store conducted nearly 10,000 fuel-only transactions per month. And in an industry where pennies matter and margin is crucial, leveraging the opportunity to upsell to every customer at the pump is an undeniable opportunity. Jump Start’s upgrade to Anthem UX® platforms, along with a commitment to marketing through DX Promote®, has helped them turn their fuel dispensers into selling machines to achieve fast-paced chain growth.

Jump Start Stores Communicate and Differentiate with DX Promote®

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