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Sep 23, 2021

Many Brands. One Mission. Your Success.

Who are we? When you see or hear Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS), do you associate our name with a legacy of brands?

If you are one of our employees, distributors, partners or customers — or any of our stakeholders — you are hopefully familiar with our branding. You’ve seen our logos, and maybe even our “WE ARE” branding.

DFS was created to house some of the most respected, impressive and innovative brands in the fueling and convenience retail industries. We brought some of the industry’s best and brightest together to help make accessing their products, solutions and services even easier.

Many Brands. One Mission. Your Success.

A Strong Brand for a Strong Business

A strong brand is a key feature in any successful business. And just like you want customers to trust your company just by recognizing your brand and the brands you choose to fuel your business, we want to be known as a trusted expert in this industry. That’s our shared desire. But it can take a while to build that high level of trust and awareness.

After nearly five years as Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS), we remain proud of our legacy brands — Wayne Fueling Systems, OPW Fuel Management Systems, ClearView, Tokheim®, ProGauge and Fairbanks – and understand the need to better engage with customers through stronger name recognition.

Many of our customers around the globe have longstanding relationships and connections with these brands. And we want our customers to know that while the brands are now combined under one umbrella, they remain the same trusted, respected and revered brands they’ve always been.

Many Brands. One Mission. Your Success.

The most impactful brands, like people, have not only a great history, but a remarkable personality. And at DFS, we have a lot of things to say about who WE ARE, but we needed a better way to share this with our audiences. So in order to increase awareness and provide better clarity around our brand, we’ve made some internal updates.

First, we updated our internal Brand Guidelines to give clear direction not only to our employees, but also our distributors and partners. Next, we’re making our personality public and recognizable. We are showing the world who WE ARE.

Because you are reading this, you likely already know how uniquely complicated the fueling and convenience industry is, not just regionally, but globally. Even the smallest fuel stations need to have a big diversity of products and services working seamlessly together to make the systems function. This includes a big diversity of suppliers and partners, not only for development, but also to maintain an operation. It is a very complex process.

Like our customers, we share an entrepreneurial spirit at DFS. We don’t see this complexity as a challenge, but more as an opportunity.

Our integrated, advanced and ever-expanding ecosystem of solutions allows us to design and deliver solutions that solve problems and improve customer experiences. We are determined to deliver the latest technology, superior products and best-in-class service because improving the customer experience is at the heart of everything we do.

Many Brands. One Mission. Your Success.

Cultivating Excellence to Redefine What’s Possible

DFS has a mission to become the technology leader in fueling and convenience retail because we believe bold, forward-thinking technology and innovation improve our customers’ experiences. We are cultivating excellence, doing great things and redefining what’s possible.

We understand technology drives better customer experiences. Through an integrated portfolio, we deliver comprehensive, technology-advanced products and services that provides intelligent end-to-end solutions for our customers. We are enabling the evolution of consumer experience in fueling and convenience retail.

Many Brands. One Mission. Your Success.

We are energizing the future.


We’re taking fueling and convenience retail to the next level, and we are passionate about cultivating excellence in our products, our solutions, our services, our people and our customer relationships. And now you’ll see this clearly in all public-facing efforts.

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