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October 12, 2022

Position Yourself at the Forefront of Fueling with Powerful Tools from Dover Fueling Solutions®

Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS) had a strong showing at NACS 2022 in Las Vegas where we were thrilled to see so many customers, partners, and prospective new connections in person. We are diligently focused on providing the products and solutions to help you move beyond common industry offerings and experiences – the proverbial settled “frontier” of fueling. Follow along for our most recent new offerings presented at NACS and now available to you in the North America market.

Position Yourself at the Forefront of Fueling with Powerful Tools from Dover Fueling Solutions®

Smarter Solutions are a Win for Both Consumers and C-stores

Advancements in IoT and cloud-based solutions are pushing us toward a new way of managing assets and building customer relationships. Our goal at DFS is to grow these capabilities for the betterment of consumers, site owners and stakeholders. We’ve introduced and continue to refine DFS DX™ connected solutions platform to deliver end-to-end streamlined asset monitoring (DX Monitor®), targeted and customizable media at the dispenser (DX Promote®), complete unattended fleet fuel enterprise management (DX Fleet®) and wetstock management (DX Wetstock®).

The newest DX Wetstock® release featured at NACS delivers real-time precise fuel loss identification and notification – including leaks, theft, evaporation and fuel delivery errors. This solution collects and processes real-time data from a variety of sources so you can quickly reconcile any fuel discrepancies down to the gallon or liter, see exactly where and why fuel is lost and introduce immediate mitigation plans. DX Wetstock® is simple to set up and can help any size fuel station minimize fuel loss, transform the entire reconciliation process and lower overall operational costs.

When it comes to improving the customer’s fueling experience and on-site journey, the DFS Anthem UX® can now feature integrated loyalty and kitchen food ordering apps – fully connecting the forecourt with in-store experiences. Once inside the store, customers can be enticed by DX Promote® controlled in-store media, further connecting the forecourt and store.

Our Star Platform Comes Resized and Reimagined

Today’s customers expect more interactivity and choice. We deliver on this and help drive loyalty with the powerful capabilities of our sleek digital Anthem UX®, and now we’re expanding on the industry’s largest screen with the AX12™ – a brilliant 12” color touchscreen building on the legacy of rich promotional media through an intuitive user interface to increase selling power. Paired with DX Promote®, you can leverage scheduled targeted media to drive additional revenue at the dispenser. Payments remain secure, EMV compliant and aligned with current regulations with the integrated Wayne iXPay®2 secure payment solution.

Add one of these user-friendly interfaces to the award-winning Wayne Ovation® Multi-hose for more fuel offerings – up to four hoses per side for up to seven fuel grades dispensed. Launched just this year, Ovation Multi-hose fuel dispenser has received a CSP Daily News Retailer Choice award for Best New Product as well as CStore Decisions Hot New Product award.

Position Yourself at the Forefront of Fueling with Powerful Tools from Dover Fueling Solutions®

Keep your Sites Safe and Compliant with Enhanced Networking and Tank Gauging Capabilities

Released in EMEA markets earlier this year, the premium ProGauge MagLink LX Plus console is now available in North America. With enhanced scalability, flexibility and connectivity, MagLink LX Plus console is our most feature-rich console yet. Get a user-friendly interface with intelligent ‘touch and swipe’ navigation, a calendar for deliveries, alarms and warnings filtered by event or tank, and the ability to support up to 12 probes (32 with optional external barriers) both wired and wireless on the same system. MagLink LX Plus console offers you simplified reporting and our fastest ATG processor ever.

Above ground, the AvaLAN Managed Network Service (MNSP) solution secures IP data communication to, from and on site to prevent data intrusions and protect both customer payments and business data. You get the ease of installation plus constant support from trusted industry experts, so you can focus on your business.

Position Yourself at the Forefront of Fueling with Powerful Tools from Dover Fueling Solutions®

DFS is ready to help you upgrade. Whether you were at NACS or unable to attend, our representatives are here to discuss your needs. We’ll help you update your site with the right products and solutions to put you ahead of your competition and position you for success in what lies beyond the fueling frontier. Connect with your DFS rep today and visit our website for more information on our full portfolio of offerings.

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