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August 22, 2022

Real-world Results Prove DFS Anthem UX® User is a Revenue Game Changer

Dan Seymour, Product Marketing, Sr. Manager

Dover Fueling Solutions’® (DFS) Anthem UX® platform was launched in summer of 2020 to strong industry praise for its ability to bring the power of digital promotions to the forecourt and drive revenue for site owners. Combined with DX Promote®, a content management service, Anthem UX® platform delivers customized promotional content in both static and video ads highlighting fuel upgrades, food-service, packaged snacks, beverage, auto services and loyalty programs.

With over a year on the market, the question remains: Does Anthem UX® platform deliver on that promise of driving incremental sales results? In short, yes. Read on for real-world examples of how DFS helped site owners increase revenue, margins and loyalty memberships.

Real-world Results Prove DFS Anthem UX® User is a Revenue Game Changer

Driving Loyalty Program Participation

Loyalty programs have grown substantially due to their ability to deliver tailored promotions based on shopper preferences and purchase history as well as to incentivize purchase frequency. However, communicating the full scope of benefits in joining a loyalty program to the consumer through static marketing such as decals or toppers is a challenge. The 27” Anthem UX® platform screen with customized video content solves this problem.

One Midwest Major Oil Company faced this exact challenge and turned to Anthem UX® platform with DX Promote® for the solution. They created customized video content which clearly communicated benefits to becoming a loyalty member. Through DX Promote®, ads were served up during fueling praising the benefits of the loyalty program and offering a unique trackable QR code driving app downloads. The results spoke for themselves with the video generating an 8000% increase as compared to static marketing over the same time period. That equates to delivering more than 80 app downloads from Anthem UX® platform for every one download from a prior topper campaign.

Upselling Fuel Grades and Services

As fuel offerings at the dispenser expand to fulfill needs for ethanol blends and alternative fuels, site owners are looking for ways to educate consumers on the benefits of these options and encourage upsell. Anthem UX® platform’s 27” screen was designed to optimize a site owner’s ability to draw attention to upgrade options with graphics and key benefits callouts, increasing customer knowledge and in-turn driving higher margins for the site. The same upsell capability can effectively be leveraged for other revenue-driving services such as oil changes and car washes.

Triple Play Mobil, a Massachusetts based fueling station, upgraded to Anthem UX platform while facing a challenging competitive landscape. Three competitors, including one heavily discounted wholesale club, had recently moved within ten minutes of their location, leading to a drop of 18% in fuel gallons sold. To counter the pressure, they looked to DX Promote® to upsell additional services and offset declines. Delivering customized video promotions with DX Promote®, they were able to increase sales by 10% in both oil changes and monthly car wash memberships.

Even more impactful was the success achieved in driving higher-end (premium) carwash memberships. Running videos explaining the benefits of the four tiers of carwash memberships, Triple Play Mobile saw a 35% increase in tier II car washes, a 17% increase in tier III washes, and a substantial 36% increase in tier IV washes. Triple Play effectively saw their largest monthly membership increases in the higher priced and more profitable plans, which they attribute directly to upselling the benefits of higher-tiered memberships with DX Promote®.

Real-world Results Prove DFS Anthem UX® User is a Revenue Game Changer

Increasing Profit with C-store Sales

Possibly the most profitable segment of the site owner’s business is the sale of goods from inside the c-store, including food service around key mealtimes. Key Oil Company, a Kentucky based ‘technology-first’ fueling and c-store chain, utilized Anthem UX® platform with DX Promote® to bring heightened awareness to their already strong breakfast sandwich offering.

Leveraging the dayparting feature of DX Promote®, they customized delivery of breakfast sandwich advertisements during morning commute hours and saw remarkable results. The ad was run for four months with an average breakfast sandwich revenue increase of over 30%, delivering welcomed margins to the bottom line. When extended to nine months, the ad resulted in an average breakfast sandwich revenue increase of over 50%, driving new customers to their food service business and welcomed margins to their bottom line.

Real-world Results Prove DFS Anthem UX® User is a Revenue Game Changer

The fuel and convenience industry is changing fast, and DFS is on the forefront with technological innovation packed into Anthem UX® platform and DX Promote®. As our industry and customer expectations move forward, we continue to strive for ways to help our partners deliver value to their customers, and value to their bottom line. Stay connected with DFS to get the most recent advancements as we roll out new products, features and services in the months to come.

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