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Nov 18, 2021

T-Media™ by Dover Fueling Solutions: Your Forecourt Theatre

T-Media™ by Dover Fueling Solutions (DFS) is the ideal solution to promote in-store products, grabbing the customer’s undivided attention whilst they refuel, but did you know how incredibly easy it is to use? Unlike traditional static or loop media, which is time consuming and costly to update, our cloud-based solution only takes minutes to upload, schedule and go live – whether it be on your local forecourt or a forecourt on the other side of the world. This intuitive solution allows you to easily deploy advertisements and targeted messaging across individual fuel pumps, a specific site, or your entire network, facilitated by DFS’ secure, cloud-based web-tool.

T-Media™ by Dover Fueling Solutions: Your Forecourt Theatre

Getting Started with T-Media™ Cloud-Based Solution

Simply log-in online using the username and password you have received from DFS.

You’ll then be able to easily upload your images and/or media files using a simple drag-and-drop function in DFS’ secure, cloud-based web-tool. Thanks to its handy automatic file conversion feature you can ensure that all your media plays every time, without the need for time consuming file formatting.

Once you have uploaded your content, you can then use it as a framework for creating regular or scheduled playlists. Each playlist requires a name which should be as clear and concise as possible, so it is easy to understand by each individual user, such as ‘Morning – Weekday’. Then simply ‘drag and drop’ the content from the left to the right window.

With T-Media™, you can plan which promotions and campaigns should run and when. For example, you might want to run advertisements for coffee in the morning, sandwiches at lunchtime and the lottery in the evening, to target your communications for maximum relevance and effect.

The ‘Scheduling’ area within the content management section operates by way of a calendar format, which aids planning and scheduling for specific promotions as you can schedule your content hours, days, weeks or even months in advance. Activation is controlled automatically by the system based on the times that you have programmed. Perhaps you want to play louder ads during the day when your site is at its busiest, or reduce the volume during night-time hours? With T-Media you can fine-tune your audio preferences based on time of day to ensure your desired impact.

Media can also be scheduled based on each individual stage of the fuelling process (such as fuelling, idle, thank you) ensuring that your media content is always in sync with the motorist’s actions. It can even deliver targeted messaged with different media content by nozzle, encouraging the motorist to try premium grades. So, whether you wish to boost shop purchases, up-sell premium fuel grades or promote car washes, you can count on T-Media™ to enhance customer engagement and loyalty to your site.

T-Media Indoor Solution

Imagine if you could synchronize your indoor and outdoor media? By using T-Media™ in combination with the Cloud API Service you can! This means you can control both your indoor and outdoor media screens centrally in the same place at the one time.

T-Media™ by Dover Fueling Solutions: Your Forecourt Theatre

T-Media™ - Your Forecourt Theatre

"T-Media™ is very effective and easy to use…It is a great tool for informing customers about promotions and new things coming to the site. Going forward, it’s definitely something we will incorporate with any future development or re-pump."
- Joe Hockenhull, Managing Director, Hockenhull Garages Ltd.

T-Media™ by Dover Fueling Solutions: Your Forecourt Theatre

At DFS we are taking fuelling and convenience retail to the next level, and we are passionate about cultivating excellence in our products, our solutions, our services, our people and our customer relationships.

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