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Aug 8, 2022

The New EMEA Fuel Dispenser Portfolio – Featuring the Latest in Fuel Dispenser Technology from Dover Fueling Solutions®

DFS recently launched a new fuel dispenser portfolio packed with our industry leading technology. These new and enhanced models provide fuel retailers with reliable quality, low total cost of ownership (TCO), while showcasing the latest in DFS innovation. Offering unparalleled choice and modularity, with configurations available for both conventional and clean fuels, these fuel dispensers are the perfect fit for any forecourt, both now and in the future.

The New EMEA Fuel Dispenser Portfolio – Featuring the Latest in Fuel Dispenser Technology from Dover Fueling Solutions®

Why are you investing in a new fuel dispenser portfolio now, when everyone else is talking about the transition to EV cars?

Although we clearly see more and more EV cars on the roads across Europe, the population of EV cars are still limited and “only” predicted to be around 20% of all vehicles in use by 2030. This means that we still need a lot of nozzles for conventional petrol and diesel to refuel the rest of the car population.

This will require a balancing act for fuel retailers, who will have to invest in replacement of aging fuel dispensers at least once during the upcoming transition. Therefore, DFS decided to take a best of the best approach and redesign our fuel dispensers to offer the highest quality and lowest TCO in the industry. If fuel retailers must replace their existing fuel dispensers during this period of transition, DFS will be the safest investment for reliable long-lasting quality to ensure less service for superior nozzle availability.

That said, DFS is also investing in new products for both EV charging and clean fuels like CNG, LNG & Hydrogen. We are committed to provide leading products and solutions to our customers (fuel retailers) regardless of what energy they choose to distribute and retail.

Q: Can you tell us a more about the new EMEA dispenser portfolios?

Both Tokheim® and Wayne® are long-established fuel dispenser brands known for quality and leading technology. We decided to leverage our industry leading portfolio of components and enhance our existing fuel dispensers by redesigning them with our best of the best technology approach to create the highest quality fuel dispensers available to the fuel retailing industry today.

We kept our trusted quality, our superior modularity and broad range offering model configurations for both conventional and clean fuels – so fuel retailers can still configure our fuel dispensers to suit their specific forecourt and consumers.

The new Tokheim® portfolio consists of the modular Tokheim Quantium® ML dispenser, which can be configured for up to 5 fuel grades, and the Tokheim Quantium® FS dispenser, which has a compact footprint and can be configured for a broad range of applications up to ultrafast flow rates.

The new Wayne® portfolio consist of the Wayne Helix® 6000-II dispenser, which is available for a broad range of fuels and up to 10 nozzles, the Wayne Helix® 4000-II dispenser and Wayne Helix® 5000-II dispenser, both of which are highly configurable H-frame models, and finally the Wayne Century™ 3 dispenser, which is a powerful yet highly flexible compact pump suitable for a broad range of applications and flow rates.

How are these dispenser ranges different from previous Tokheim® and Wayne® models?

We have enhanced our existing models by redesigning them with our industry leading technology and field-proven components; so expect even better reliability for superior nozzle availability and the industry’s lowest TCO.

We have also have now introduced the “connected dispenser”. Our new dispensers are prepared with powerful IoT technology that enables remote monitoring and advance remote management capabilities with our DX Monitor® solution.

Q: How can these fuel dispensers help fuel retailers now? Are there future trends and requirements to consider?

As mentioned before, we set out to redesign our fuel dispensers to be the very best offered to the industry in a time of transition. Our products are designed to stand the test of time and demanding daily use, offering fuel retailers reliable long-lasting quality with minimal service interventions for low TCO.

That said, our modularity and advanced payment and media technology can provide fuel retailers new opportunities now, using advanced media to drive incremental sales and profit or using outdoor payment to improve the flow on the forecourt for additional sales throughput.

A growing trend is that consumers expect to receive a personalized experience and tailored offers. Our fuel dispensers are prepared with IoT technology to interface with our powerful DFS DX™ connected solutions platform, which include solutions to personalize the user experience and present dynamic promotional content.

The New EMEA Fuel Dispenser Portfolio – Featuring the Latest in Fuel Dispenser Technology from Dover Fueling Solutions®

How can these new models help forecourts stand out from competition?

The main need fuel retailers must meet for consumers is to provide an efficient refuelling process at a competitive price. It sounds simple and can for the most part be solved relatively easy by ensuring nozzle availability on the forecourt. Our dispensers are engineered for demanding daily use in long-lasting reliable quality, which is your best insurance against nozzles out of action. Ensuring all nozzles are available and in good working order will go a long way from differentiating your forecourt from others, especially in coming years where fuel retailers will be tempted to prolong replacement of aging equipment due to the uncertainty on the speed of transition in the car population. Also, remember that our new dispensers are “connected dispensers”, which allows for rapid detection of issues to enable rapid fix to minimize downtime and reduction on your forecourt’s sales readiness.

Q: As the trends and consumer needs within the fueling industry change, what are DFS’ future plans?

DFS are committed to support our customers with leading products and solutions regardless of the fuel they want to distribute and retail.

We have already made significant investment in clean fuels and future energies, where we have a growing portfolio of product and solutions to complement our conventional fuels portfolio. We will continue to invest in R&D across a broad range of fuels and technologies, as well as invest in advanced user experience technology in line with changing consumer trends.

The New EMEA Fuel Dispenser Portfolio – Featuring the Latest in Fuel Dispenser Technology from Dover Fueling Solutions®

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