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May 29, 2024

UNITI Expo Success for Dover Fueling Solutions®

From 14th – 16th May, Dover Fueling Solutions® (DFS) wowed stand visitors at the 2024 UNITI Expo — the leading retail petroleum and car wash trade fair in Europe — with an extensive range of products and solutions which showcased their ability to connect to each other, highlighting the possibilities of a truly “connected forecourt”.

At the expo, DFS revealed how its products and solutions seamlessly connect with one another to emphasize how retailers could utilize each piece of equipment for their business to add credible value to their success.

It’s time for change, both on the forecourt and in the c-store – which is why DFS chose the UNITI Expo to launch several brand-new products and solutions to help retailers future-proof their fuel retail business.

UNITI Expo Success for Dover Fueling Solutions®

RDM by DFS: Remote Dispenser Diagnostics and Remote Management Made Easy

Introducing RDM by DFS – a remote diagnostics and management solution, which will enable retailers to invest in a truly connected dispenser. With the ability to remotely troubleshoot and fix dispenser issues in real-time, RDM by DFS can reduce maintenance costs and maximize dispenser uptime.

Having visibility over the health of each dispenser on a service station, or stations, enables retailers to proactively prioritize maintenance activities and focus on sites that need immediate or near-term attention. By providing access to and insights on each dispenser and fueling point, RDM by DFS can help make service stations more efficient and cost effective, while ultimately delivering a reliable, frictionless customer experience.

DFS Order Kiosk™ powered by FLYX: Advanced C-store Ordering

With enhanced, user-friendly software capabilities — for both c-store customers and staff — the DFS Order Kiosk™ powered by FLYX can add real value to a fuel retail business. Through an easy-to-use ordering process, customers can expect shorter queues so they can get what they want faster. But that’s not all . . . with various media options, which have shown to increase the average basket size, retailers also have an opportunity to increase c-store revenue. Happier customers equal better business.

The DFS Order Kiosk™ is convenient, compact, and efficient. It’s the perfect solution for retailers looking to enhance their service station offering, while improving operations and employee efficiency.

UNITI Expo Success for Dover Fueling Solutions®

In addition to these new launches, DFS’ enhanced product and solutions portfolio enables fuel site and network owners to connect their forecourt to the future.

Whether retailers are looking to seamlessly bridge the gap between their clean energy equipment (liquified natural gas (LNG) dispenser, hydrogen dispenser, electric vehicle (EV) chargers, etc.) and the entire forecourt offering, or improve their end-to-end management to identify all instances of fuel loss, DFS has what it takes to make any service station stronger and more efficient. In fact, our carefully selected products and services, together, help bring unrivalled functionality and connectivity to a forecourt.

Kurt Dillen, Vice President and General Manager of the EMEA and SAIL regions at DFS, said, “Within DFS we have different Business Units and all of them are delivering super interesting new products and solutions. At this year’s UNITI Expo, we had the opportunity to share our long and fascinating story with customers, distributors, and stand visitors about why we are product leaders, and we can prove this with our new projects.”

UNITI Expo Success for Dover Fueling Solutions®

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