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Wayne Vista CNG Fuel Dispenser

The Wayne Vista CNG dispenser is designed for safety, accuracy, flow, and fuel quality. Available for both retail and fleet applications, the Vista CNG dispenser features standard Wayne communication protocols that work seamlessly with popular point-of-sale (POS) and fleet fuel control systems. Using our patented, reliable no-air purge design, we’ve also incorporated our trusted and proven payment terminal technology.


Highly configurable

Standard flow ½” or high flow 1” solenoid valves, and 1 to 3 inlets for direct fill or fast cascade storage filling, allow you to select a configuration that best fits your installation. Retail models provide Total Sale, GGE (gas gallon equivalent), and unit price liquid crystal displays (LCD) for the resale of fuel. Fleet models provide a GGE LCD for private use.

Customer-centric design

The Vista CNG dispenser’s sleek design not only provides a clean look, its adaptable functionality is based on consumer behavior, delivering a superior user-experience every time. The Vista CNG dispenser incorporates corrosion-resistant materials and global standard components to lower maintenance expenses.


Retail or fleet models; standard or high flow

allow you to match your application needs.

Seamless point-of-sale integration

interfaces with popular POS and fleet fuel control systems.

Status LEDs

provide simple indication to user of fill progress.

PCI and EMV®-compliant payment technology

provide compliance today and modular upgrade path for tomorrow (option).

Emergency manual shutoff

allows user to shut down gas flow in an emergency.

Temperature-compensated fill

special algorithms maximize fill regardless of temperature.

Patented “no-purge” design

eliminates remote fan, piping, and blowing moist, dirty, and cold air into the electronics.

Methane sensor & automatic safety controls

help detect unsafe conditions and shut down the dispenser, if necessary.

Micro Motion® Mass Flow Meter

industry standard for accurate measure.

Coalescing filter per inlet

helps ensure gas purity.

One to three inlets

for direct fill or fast cascade storage filling.

Features and benefits

Screenshot 2021-03-03 at 09.32.11.png

Wayne Vista CNG

fuel dispenser

Whether you require retail or fleet models; standard or high flow – the Wayne Vista CNG dispenser is prepared to match your application needs. Utilizing a traditional petroleum dispenser look and feel, and intuitive features like fill status indicators and “END” messages, Vista CNG dispensers optimize the user interface. A sophisticated fill algorithm and multiple automatic safety controls allow you to safely maximize your fill regardless of temperature. Adjustable parameters allow the owner to control the fill experience.​

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