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Pomiar zbiornika

W firmie DFS oferujemy najbardziej wszechstronną w branży linię produktów do kontroli zbiorników, od innowacyjnych manometrów i najnowocześniejszych sond, po najnowocześniejsze usługi kalibracji zbiorników, które szturmem zdobywają branżę. Zachęcamy do zapoznania się z szeroką gamą dostępnych produktów, które pomogą usprawnić Twój biznes paliwowy. Jeśli szukasz kompleksowego rozwiązania, a nie konkretnego typu produktu, np. związanego z mokrym magazynem, płatnościami, flotą lub mediami, mamy również starannie przemyślane zestawy produktów i usług, które mogą naprawdę przenieść Twoją firmę na wyższy poziom.

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With an enhanced design and advanced durability, our latest piston fuel meter delivers improved flow rate, long-term accuracy, extended life, enhanced durability and an outstanding return on investment. This meter is more efficient, more precise, and more reliable. It ensures optimal performance in all conditions and temperatures. Meet your next fuel meter – probably the most versatile in the world.

Wayne iMeter
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The Xflo® fuel meter enables petroleum retailers and fleet managers to reduce costs attributed to meter drift and increase flow rates to serve more motorists in less time. The Xflo® fuel meter combines revolutionary engineering and precision design to significantly reduce the amount of fuel that retailers give away through meter drift each year.

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Wayn Xflo
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The Tokheim Quality Meter™ (TQM) meter is effectively the heart of any dispenser and accuracy is paramount. A variety of issues affect can performance including meter drift, clogged filters, and difficulty coping with the latest biofuel products and additives; however, the TQM has been carefully engineered to retain its precision over its complete lifetime.

If a meter begins to drift, even by the smallest of margins, this can result in a large annual loss to a station; however, the typical drift associated with fuel meters has been virtually eliminated with the TQM when tested across 12 million litres, or the lifetime of most meters. The TQM has the lowest drift characteristics of any meter available in the marketplace, having been tested and certified by Europe’s leading independent test body, NMi®. The overall result is a long-term saving to your service station and optimised throughput.

Tokheim Quality Meter
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The Wayne® CPU is engineered to help your fuel dispenser reach its full potential by offering superior performance in all temperature ranges and most hostile environments. The Wayne CPU delivers innovative features and seamless integration with your fuel meter.

With the inclusion of cast iron fixings, the Wayne CPU ensures optimal performance in all temperature ranges, wear resistance and self-lubrication. These innovative features enable a seamless integration of the Wayne CPU with your fuel meter.

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