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Crediamo nella scelta

In DFS crediamo che vi meritiate il meglio. Offriamo una gamma completa di console per indicatori di livello del serbatoio, progettate per fornire il perfetto livello di funzionalità per la vostra attività di carburante, indipendentemente dalle dimensioni o dallo scopo. I nostri prodotti consentono di creare un sistema di gestione completa delle informazioni sul carburante in grado di gestire in modo efficiente una serie di problemi relativi a serbatoi e piazzali. Funzionalità avanzate, quali la gestione centralizzata del sito, la riconciliazione precisa dell'inventario e l'analisi di prevenzione delle perdite forniscono un livello ancora più elevato di capacità di gestione del carburante.

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Prizma’s cloud eco-system combines Tokheim OASE™ (Online Authorization and Switching Environment) and the DFS DX™ connected solutions platform (as well as interoperability with partner solutions and customer environments). This combination delivers industry-leading payment processing and flexibility along with data analytics and insights.


Prizma brings a new meaning to the word “connectivity” through its spectrum of integration opportunities to evolve your business.

With Prizma, we span the entire spectrum of convenience retail. We’re on your wavelength.


Let us enlighten you and your customers.

            IN NUMBERS


...fuel retail sites in EMEA equiped with Prizma solutions.


...Tokheim Cryopto VGA® OPT (Outdoor Payment Terminal) installed and connected to Prizma.




...transactions from 27 countries were processed through the Tokheim OASE™ in 2021.

A Frictionless Experience

Maximize on opportunity and increase your profits by advertising in-shop food purchases and restaurant experiences, as well as advertising loyalty schemes and promotional offers, then complete the shopping experience via fast, flexible, secure and compliant checkouts.

Tokheim OASE Payment Gateway 
Prizma works with all major bank card schemes and over 250 fuel cards, and through Tokheim OASE™ payment gateway facilitates PCI-compliant payments. It supports both indoor and outdoor payment methods, including in-dispenser, payment terminal, bank note and in app mobile. Inside the store, you’re also able to maximize customer throughput with our state-of-the-art self-checkout systems.

Tokheim Crypto VGA OPT

The Crypto VGA® OPT is our most advanced outdoor payment terminal. With its revolutionary touchscreen, the payment process is effortless. The intuitive on-screen graphics quickly and easily guide the end user through the debit, credit, fuel and loyalty card process. But it's not just about innovative design and speed. The Crypto VGA® OPT is a highly secure transaction solution. It incorporates a set of robust, anti-fraud mechanisms and is certified in accordance with the latest payment card industry (PCI) approvals.

Cloud Ecosystem Brings New Opportunities

DX Retail® and DFS DX™ platform

Thanks to DX Retail® - an integral component in the Prizma ecosystem - you’re able to remotely manage your point-of-sale systems, including adding new articles, running promotions, generating reports and performing multi-site updates. In addition, the DFS DX™ platform enables remote management and insights for electric vehicle (EV) charging, payment transactions, dispensers, media, wetstock solutions and more.

Open Interface

Prizma’s open interface keeps you informed and in control of your business. You’re also able to connect to any back- or head-office system.

DFS ONE Portal

The ONE Portal cloud services platform is an all-in-one solution that provides and integrates the most valuable data from DFS' portfolio of products into one, single, harmonized and efficient web-platform. One Portal has been designed in such a way that customers will WANT to use it, instead of being told to. Customers can monitor alarms, assets, fuel sales, payment transactions and manage fleet cards via card issuing modules.

Diversity Refuel Options

Expand your site revenue opportunities using Prizma’s ability to support any type of fuel - whether conventional or alternative - as well as any payment type. Prizma is the only solution you need to optimize the balance between forecourt operations and convenience retail to maximize customer fueling throughput. 

Powerful and Flexible Forecourt Control

Take control of your forecourt devices and streamline your business operations with Prizma, a flawless connected system that easily integrates with fuel dispensers, price signs, tank level gauges, EV chargers, car washes and video systems... in fact, the whole spectrum of forecourt products and services. In addition, Prizma makes use of both standard and proprietary protocols and is future-proofed to easily accept new devices and protocols as they’re needed, thanks to the system’s robust forecourt device controller.

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